The Blogger Aesthetic Award

Hey, everyone! A big shout out to Abi Leah at Happily Abi for nominating me for this awesome award! I saw the post on her site, and it looked like a ton of fun, so I was super excited when I saw that she had nominated me. 😀 Thanks, Abi!

The Rules

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Do I Believe In Crops and Spurs?

Coaly and I soloed yesterday!! Well, not our first solo, but our first solo in completely new territory that she’s never seen before. The poor girl–I didn’t think so many dogs would be out. She’s fine with that red Doberman, but a Pit bull like dog?? So much smaller and lunges in a completely different way!!! And of course, just as the dog ran across the road, his owner started shrieking (completely new to Coaly), a car driven by a teenage boy barely missed the dog, which pushed Coaly into the neighbor’s yard as the driver swore a word I won’t repeat, and a Golden Retriever dash out barking straight ahead. She was completely lost as of what to do. Luckily, I was able to urge her down the road as the Pit bull’s owner grabbed him and the Golden Retriever was stuck behind an invisible fence. *whew* Continue reading “Do I Believe In Crops and Spurs?”

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Top Ten Things for Ropers To Remember


This Week:

This week is going to be crazy for us. Tonight is the award ceremony for Awana. Tomorrow we have our branding (yes!!!!) and maybe we’ll make it to our Bright Lights Bible Study that afternoon. We are then leaving Friday afternoon to go to a mother daughter conference for the rest of Friday and all of Saturday. And after that, we’ve got Mother’s Day at our house on Sunday.

So yeah, this is going to be a very interesting week.

But, since we are going to be roping tomorrow, I have decided to post about roping.

Top Ten Things for Ropers to Remember:

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