The Blogger Aesthetic Award

Hey, everyone! A big shout out to Abi Leah at Happily Abi for nominating me for this awesome award! I saw the post on her site, and it looked like a ton of fun, so I was super excited when I saw that she had nominated me. 😀 Thanks, Abi!

The Rules

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Rosa Cueto Vega: The Survival Journey of a Dreamer | Compassion International Blog

Born in Villa El Salvador, southern Lima, Peru, Rosa Cueto Vega was surrounded by hills, sand and poverty. She experienced hunger and suffering. In the midst of her family’s struggle for survival, she didn’t have the luxury of dreaming for a future.

She Didn't Have Time to Dream. She Just Survived. Rosa Cueto Vega

Surviving in a House With No Walls

“When I was a child, my house didn’t have real walls. There was just a fence and we also had a hole as a bathroom; money was very scarce,” says Rosa.

“I was aware of the poverty around me. Sometimes I cried because I was hungry. And my mom was desperate and gave us boiled potatoes mashed with oil for the whole day. We didn’t have enough clothes and I had to wear my oldest siblings’ torn clothes for months. So we just lived like that…”

During her early childhood, this was the life Rosa lived, never imagining better plans for her life. But near her house was a church partnering with Compassion. Rosa had the opportunity to be registered at the child development center through sponsorship when she was 7 years old.

“I was excited and I enjoyed going to the center because I was able to eat varied meals and meats and I enjoyed making crafts. It was a different world compared to my house,” says Rosa.

Surviving in a Family With Mental Illness

After two years attending the center, Rosa’s mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

“My mom had her first schizophrenia attack when I was 9 years old, and she had to stay in the hospital for three months.

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Blogger Recognition Award!

Thank you, Tessa Megan, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! You can find her at Writer’s Ink where she writes about all things writing.

  1. Thank that awesome nominator! And give a link to their blog(S)
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Newest Member!

We have a new member of our family! Last Wednesday, my dad, grandpa, sister, and cousin trekked across the state to pick her up. Thursday night, she came home.

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Chippewa.


She had a bad cut and then her owner moved away, so she hasn’t been ridden in over six months. However, when he did ride her, he mostly rode her bareback. She’s about four years old, so I’d pretty much be retraining her. Anyways, if my book reviews turn slightly Chippewa too… you now know the reason. 😛



25 Things You Don’t See When You Read a Blog Post #Bloggers #BloggingGals #Writer

I recently read this and was amazed at how true it is. It’s great and funny, but real life as well. 😀 Enjoy y’all.

My recent post titled 35 Things You Don’t See When You Buy a Book proved popular, so I thought I would see if I could come up with a similar list for blog posts. A lot of time, effort and cre…

Source: 25 Things You Don’t See When You Read a Blog Post #Bloggers #BloggingGals #Writer


Thank You, Hero

On Monday, November 28th, 2016, there was a disaster at the Ohio State University. A  legal immigrant and fellow student from OSU smashed his car into a crowd of students and then pulled out a butcher knife and started a rampaged stabbing. Two minutes later, his rampage ended thanks to OSU Officer Horujko.

Thank you so much, Officer Horujiko. What would have happened if you hadn’t been there? How many more victims would there have been? What more damage would he have caused had you not stopped him? Many, many people owe their loved ones’ safety to you. Thank you, hero, for being there, for choosing the career you did, for facing the threat instead of running away.



News Articles:

CNN –  Ohio State University: Attacker killed, 11 hospitalized after campus attack

Ohio State police officer thanked for quick response to attack

NYTimes – Suspect Is Killed in Attack at Ohio State University That Injured 11

NBC – Suspect Identified in Ohio State Attack as Abdul Razak Ali Artan


New Name

Ok guys, you may have noticed that my blog has gradually turned from the happenings of my life to… books. Although, a lot of my life can be summed up in books. 😛 Anyways, I thought it was time for a name change. Thoughts From a Christian Cowgirl is now changing to Country Girl Reviews —  Books, Authors, Mystery. There’ll still be posts about things besides books, but the main focus will be books.

Thank you for reading! I hope you continue to like Country Girl Reviews. 😀


What’s Going To Happen/Blogging Schedule/Yada Yada Yada

Ok, so, some of you are probably wondering what’s going to happen now that I have two blogs. If you aren’t wondering… then I’m guessing you’re a new reader (thanks for stopping by!) or you just don’t care (shame on you!).

Splitting the load:

Book reviews (unless it has to do with my books or writing) is going to stay on Thoughts from a Christian Cowgirl as is normal life, horses, cowboy stuff and homeschooling such.

Writing. Basically, anything writing is moving over to Jaylee Morgan Writes. Not like I’ve talked a lot about it so….


My goal is to post one post a week on each blog. Thoughts from a Christian Cowgirl somewhere in between Monday-Wednesday and Jaylee Morgan Writes somewhere in between Thursday and Saturday. I know that if I put down a certain day, I’m going to completely not be able to make it for some reason or another. 😀

Yada Yada Yada:

My first week of college was awesome! I’m having so much fun and meeting some great people. I can’t wait for the rest of the semester!

I’m teaching my cousins how to ride today. This is going to be fun. 😀

I got an amazing book from Revell Publishing to review for you all… I honestly couldn’t put it down. More about that soon!


Hi Everyone! — Introduction Post

Hey guys! Remember when I told you about my author’s blog that was coming out? Well… here it is! Check it out! New posts coming soon.

From Causelessness to Coherent

Hiya peoples! Thanks for stopping by!

And then my bio in 3rd person, just because that’s the way it’s supposed to be:

Jaylee Morgan is a teenage author with her sights set on publishing. She’s written short stories since–uh… um–before she can remember. Her family isn’t quite sure what to do with her (mental hospital, maybe?), as she carries around a folder that she’ll randomly open and start scribbling in. (Warning from Jaylee’s sister: when she gets in those moods, everything else disappears.) She also has several full length books (several of which shall never be mentioned).

She loves gifs. Or funnies about writing. The best though, is funny gifs about writing. Or funnies about… you know… funny stuff. The best medicine is laughter, right?

She grew up (er, is still growing up) on a little hobby farm. She was basically born riding horses and hopefully will continue to ride…

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