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Q: (Kingdom’s) Quest by Chuck Black

My friend started me reading a series called The Kingdom Series written by Chuck Black. Basically, it’s a allegory of the Bible. From the beginning to…well, I haven’t finished it yet. My favorite part of all the books I’ve read so far is in Book Five: Kingdom’s Quest.

Unknown-1Gavin is Kifus’ trusted Noble Knight. After the ‘stranger’ is hung, they go after the followers of him. Yet as Gavin is out doing what he believes is best, he is attacked by the Shadow Warriors (servants of the Dark Knight with the Dark Knight being Satan). After that, he sees the Prince and is converted. He now becomes Gavinaugh (think Paul). One day, a friend, Weston, and him go to a slave market in Santiok as they are traveling to spread the ‘Code’. One girl goes up to be sold.

Gavinaugh and Weston worked their way to the front of the crowd as the next slave was brought onto the auction platform. A young woman with long brown hair that was twisted and gnarled was pushed to the front of the platform. Though her head was lowered, she glanced briefly at the crowd, and Gavinaugh saw bitterness and hatred emanating from the depths of her soul. The shackles on her feet and wrists had worn the flesh beneath raw. The guard pushed her the last few paces, and she turned toward him as if to attack. The guard put his hand to his sword. She turned away and took a final step forward. Once at the front of the platform, she stared at the planks beneath her feet, her hair nearly covering her face. Her body was thin, and a tattered dress hung loosely from her frame.

“You’re obviously not from these parts. Crazy Keanna has run away a hundred times, and she even stabbed her last owner.” He pointed to a man steading near one of the slave traders. His arm was bandaged, and the anger on his face was evident.

“She’s been sold a dozen times and beaten dozens more, but quite frankly no one dares buy her ’cause she’s a vicious creature. I’m surprised she’s survived this long.”

(Kingdom’s Quest by Chuck Black page 23-24)

You can see that Keanna has not had a very nice life. Throughout the story, there’s sprinkled reminders of her past, such as her parents being killed, masters abusing her, and such. No, her life has not been pretty at all. Yet Keanna captures Gavinaugh’s heart and he captures her’s, yet they both know that Keanna must become a follower of the Prince before they can ever have anything together. Gavinaugh asks her what it is that is holding her away.

And that brings us to my favorite part:

“If the Prince truly cares for this kingdom, why does He allow such great pain?” She asked it with such passion that Gavinaugh felt her soul tremble.

Gavinaugh reached out and placed her delicate hand in his own.

“Oh, Keanna, the whole of my being desires to give an answer that will satisfy you soul, but I fear that you will find my words inadequate.”

He pause to gather his thoughts. Give me the words, my Prince, to show her the depth of Your wisdom and Your love.

Gavinaugh looked down at Keanna’s hand. “You must first understand that it is the Dark Knight who has brought such great pain to the kingdom. He has turned the hearts of the people away from the King and His goodness. The King desires all people to return to Him, but because of their pride and foolishness, many will never choose to follow Him. This pain and suffering is allowed for a time to reveal the treachery of Lucius (the Dark Knight). But do not think the King unmerciful or unfeeling, for He sent His one and only Son to endure more pain and suffering than any other man in the kingdom ever has, even unto death.”

“But here is the beauty of the Prince, Keanna. When we serve Him wholly, He can turn all of our pain caused by Lucius’ vilest intentions into a glorious victory.”

“How is that possible?” she asked softly.

“There is a kingdom waiting for those who believe, where there will be no more sorrow, no more pain. If the pain we suffer brings us to that understanding and belief, then we are victorious. When the Shadow Warrior pierced me with his sword, I had an encounter with the Prince and believed. That pain bought me a place in the kingdom that tis to come. Even this moment between us exists because of the pain we have suffered in our past, and I would endure the pain of a thousand swards to be in your presence this night and speak of the hope of wining your love.”

Gavinaugh did not sense withdrawal in Keanna, but he wished to know her thoughts.

“A mother must labor in pain to give birth,” he continued, “but in the end there is a precious new life. Our kingdom labors in pain, but in the end there is new life for those who believe. There is much pain, but the King has begun the healing through the Prince. All will suffer pain–the difference is what we choose to do with it. When we serve the Prince, our pain makes us stronger. What you have suffered, I cannot heal. But the Prince can and will.”

(Kingdom’s Quest by Chuck Black page 124 – 126)

And so yes, this story has a happy ending. Keanna believes in the Prince and they are eventually married after the Shadow Warriors take Keanna and Gavinaugh on a dangerous chase.

I am enjoying this series a lot! Chuck Black has put a lot of thought into it and the discussion at the end is helpful as well. It is for middle school/tween age though. I would highly suggest it to any parent of  middle/tween kids. 😀

I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Reading!

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