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Q: (Kingdom’s) Quest by Chuck Black

My friend started me reading a series called The Kingdom Series written by Chuck Black. Basically, it’s a allegory of the Bible. From the beginning to…well, I haven’t finished it yet. My favorite part of all the books I’ve read so far is in Book Five: Kingdom’s Quest.

Unknown-1Gavin is Kifus’ trusted Noble Knight. After the ‘stranger’ is hung, they go after the followers of him. Yet as Gavin is out doing what he believes is best, he is attacked by the Shadow Warriors (servants of the Dark Knight with the Dark Knight being Satan). After that, he sees the Prince and is converted. He now becomes Gavinaugh (think Paul). One day, a friend, Weston, and him go to a slave market in Santiok as they are traveling to spread the ‘Code’. One girl goes up to be sold. Continue reading “Q: (Kingdom’s) Quest by Chuck Black”