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Top Ten Reasons to Love School

Hey, everyone!

I don’t know when your school starts, but mine starts on Monday. In honor of school (and because I haven’t done a Top Ten in a long time) I present Top Ten Reasons To Love School!
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Writing Challenge! (Awesome or what?)

Thanks to Owlivia from Untainted and Odd for nominating me!! All of  you know how much I love writing, so this was awesome! And unlike Owlivia, who wrote almost entirely dialog, I had not a single word of dialog. 😀

So here’s the challenge:

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For the Glory of God


But when Jesus heard it he said, “This illness does not lead to death. It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” John 11:4


Dolly collapsed, coughing and gasping. Leo rushed to her side. “Dolly…” He trailed off, catching sight of the blood on the tissue.

She nodded. That was all he needed to see.

“Let’s get you to the hospital.”


Jasmine sat by her son, tears streaming down her face. “I’m here, Miguel.” She sobbed. “Everyone else has left but I’m still here. The nurse said…said maybe if I talked to you, it…it might help you to wake up. I’m here, Miguel. Please wake up.”


Amanda sat by her mother’s bed. Her tears had already been cried out. “Amanda.” A soft touch and whisper caused her to start. “Amanda, we need to go.”


“Amanda, please come.”

“No!!! My mother is dying! I refuse to leave her side till she’s gone.”

No one said another word.


“I hate hospitals.” Olivia announced.

Rosie nodded. “I hate them as well. So…sad. And…”

Danielle nodded. “So sterile.”

The van rocked from laughter. Danielle lived on a farm. Her version of sterile would be drastically, um, different from the hospital’s.

Hannah called the group back to order. “We discussed this before we left. Pick one person. Talk to them. Try to encourage them.”


“Can I come in?”

Leo opened the door. “Hello?”

“Hello!” Olivia smiled. “My name is Olivia and I was wondering if you wanted to…um…you know, talk. Or something.” Before he had a chance to say no, Olivia plopped herself in the other chair. “So. Why are you here?”

Leo just stood there, mouth open. What a bold kid.

“Um. Yeah. My wife, Dolly.”


Rosie knocked on the door. Jasmine opened it without a word.

“Hi.” Rosie had the feeling for the need of quiet.

Jasmine nodded back. “He won’t wake up.” Fresh tears started falling. “Everyone’s left. Walked right out that door. It’s just me and my boy.”

Rosie, tearful herself, stepped over and pulled Jasmine into a very much needed hug.


Danielle slid into the room. Amanda didn’t move. “How…how are you?”

“She’s dying.” Tears slipped down her cheek. “And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

Danielle sat beside Amanda and let her rant it all out.


They all met back in front, chatting excitedly about what God had done. Hannah watched as all the girls except Danielle came back at the designated time. “Wait here.” She told them. Then she slipped in the room Danielle had chosen. Amanda’s head rested on Danielle’s shoulder.

Danielle looked over at Hannah. “She’s had a rough time.”

Hannah smiled and nodded.

“Ok girls, we might be here a while longer. Why don’t you go back to where you were or find someone new?”

Written for Christian Flash Weekly. Congratulations to Thomas Roberson for his story Avigail! And then, for second place, For The Glory of God by Daleen C. This story really had me in the last paragraph, and especially the last line. And third place goes to Moot Points by Jessica Heald. Congrats all!!

A to Z 2015, Life

S: Snoopy


images-3I am a Snoopy fan. Always have been. From the first time I saw him (on my Grandpa’s desk) to all the free Amazon movies I’ve watched of him (not that many actually, but I’m not going to spend my money on a movie!! 😉 I’m saving for college!!) Honestly, what’s not to like about a little beagle with Woodstock as his friend doing just about anything?? It’s awesome!!writerc003

When I saw that Snoopy had things to say about writing…well, I couldn’t resist. I just had to have a post of Snoopy. Sorry to all of you who like Peppermint Paddy or Charlie Brown better than Snoopy…but oh well. You just need to get your priorities straight!!


Lucy and Peppermint Patty simply crack me up. I can’t help it. Maybe it’s the fact that I tend to get pushy sometimes like Peppermint? Or that my mouth can go like LucyUnknown-1?

Snoopy’s comical letters to so many people also crack me up. I have two of my dad’s old comic books of Unknown-2Peanuts (ok, so they’re kind of falling apart and I might only have three-quarters of the page…) and Snoopy is always writing to someone. Either that, or trying to prove to Peppermint Patty’s Principal that the dog school she went to really images-1did count as her schooling and she shouldn’t have to do any more…

Yup. That went about as good as you expected and Peppermint came over to pound Snoopy. 🙂

What is it about the Peanuts cartoons that I like?? Well, I don’t know. What is it that I like? I like Snoopy, becaimagesuse he’s so funny. I like Woodstock because he’s so loyal. (There’s a cartoon of cold fall coming and Snoopy is getting ready to tell him to go south when Woodstock comes up wearing a coat and huddling next to Snoopy.) I like Lucy, because she’s simply hilarious though sometimes I can see my quick responses come close to hers. I like Peppermint Patty who knows what she wants and howSnoopyWriting to get it. And is quite pushy to get it. Ok, ok, sometimes I’m like that too. Linus is…I love Linus. Especially in one of the Christmas ones (I don’t remember which), when talking about the angels and ‘do not be afraid’, drops his safety blanket.

And then there’s Charlie Brown. Poor Charlie Brown. He can’t seem to do anything right, can he? I can identify with him again and again. But we all seem to like him…why? Because our inside self sympathizes, I guess. Yet he and Snoopy…what a pair.

What a pair.



A to Z 2015, Thoughts about Writing

K: Knapsack of Names

SnoopyWritingI was writing a chapter that had a lot of Ukrainian names. What did I know about Ukrainian names??


(Sure, sure. Laugh all you want. You try and name one.)

“She’s not wearing her backpack.” Semen announced, looking up from his laptop.

Bjorn scowled.

“It hasn’t moved since she dumped it last night.” Semen added. “Most certainly didn’t go on that train with her. We’ve lost her, Boss.”

“We can’t lose her!!” Bjorn exploded. “She’s our only lead! I should have put the tracker on her, not her stupid pack.”

“Alf’s not looking good,” Pavlo slipped in from the other room. “He lost a lot of blood.”

“We. Have. To. Find. Her.” Bjorn snarled. “We have to find Sven. I want to leave this forsaken country.”

A knock sounded at the door.

Martyn glanced out the peep-hole. “Yosyp is here.”

“Let him in.” Bjorn stood and faced the door.

Yosyp stepped in. “Did you get her?”

“Lied about her identity and then told us he was in Quebec. Didn’t believe a word she said.” Bjorn snapped. “Beat up Alf pretty good too.”

“You should’ve killed her.” Yosyp growled.

“Planted a tracker.” Semen spoke up. “But whatever it was attached to was left behind.”

“You should’ve flat out killed her.” Yosyp repeated.

“Well we didn’t.” Bjorn snapped. “So shut up and start thinking.”

“There’s only one thing to do.” Martyn said, looking around. “Wait and hope that she or that Conor guy comes back. Then pounce.”

*grin* Can you even pronounce any of them?

So, I brought all of that up to tell you about Behind the Name’s Name Generator. 🙂

Before this, I had been using the Random Name Generator. But unfortunately, with this name generator, you can’t select anything. With Behind the Name’s, you can select many options, including Ukrainian (surprise), Biblical, Hillbilly (Wheathauler Cowpusher), and many, many, many more…

If you need a name, be sure to check it out!!!

Thoughts about Writing

Christian Anthology

Tossing an idea out, I was wondering if anyone in the Christian flash fiction community would be interested in publishing a Christian anthology with your stories. If we do so, publicize for month or two and then hold contests. Winner’s award is that they are published in book and a badge to say they are.

I haven’t worked out any details yet, I’m just looking around to see if such a thing would be possible.

Would anyone be interested? If so, please leave your thoughts on the subject in the comments. If not, please leave your thoughts in the comments as well. I want to know what other Christian writers are thinking!

Please, reblog if you like it!!


I Need to Return This

Written for Thursday 360

The turn. Her voice rising into a shriek. The look of drunken terror from the other driver. Screaming her name as they rolled down the bank. The funeral. The closed casket. Her family’s angry glares. 

“I need to return this engagement ring. It’s never been worn.”

Thoughts about Writing

Thursday 360

Hey all you writing fans!!

I found a cool writing contest called Thursday 360!! Come check it out!! Even if you don’t like to write, there will be plenty of stories to read!!

The description given by Whitney:

Welcome to Thursday 360!

Are you a Christian writer? Think you can write a mind-blowing short story in 360 words or less? Let’s see what you’ve got!

Here’s How it Works

New posts will publish here on Thursdays. Write a 360-word (or less) flash fiction story based on the photo prompt and post it in the comments section below. The results will be posted the following Thursday along with the new prompt. Winner will get the opportunity to display the Champion’s Badge on their website.

Rules and What-not

The rules are pretty simple. All entries must be posted by midnight EST the following Monday. They must be original, unpublished stories inspired by the photo prompt and they must have no more than 360 words (title doesn’t count). Stories don’t have to be Christian in subject matter, but cannot contain foul language, erotic, anti-Christian content, etc… (Let’s try to keep it G-rated, folks.) By posting, you attest that your entry conforms to these rules; I am in no way liable if it doesn’t. I reserve the right to reject/delete anything that does not follow the rules.

All entries remain the property of their authors.

Be sure to check it out!!!

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“All Shook Up” – The Power of Variety in Blogging

Some very good ideas. 🙂

The Artistic Christian

All Shook Up Pic

“Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

William Cowper



“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.”

Felix Mendelssohn



I love the freshness of each new season. As we move into a particularly cold winter I’ve found myself shivering in freezing rain and nearly fainting at my electric bill, but none of this can wipe the smile from my face. Life is such a beautiful thing. I love the beauty and artistic design that is found all around us. I love the constant change.

And isn’t that the mark of a true masterpiece? To produce a work that has a unified theme, while also providing variety and freshness? If we could only harness this excitement and freshness in our daily blog posts, who knows what we could accomplish!

Here are a few ideas for “shaking things up” with your…

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