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Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwartz

{326AF181-473A-426B-9E3F-2DB5A519680C}Img150The title drew me in. Drowning Ruth. I love crime thrillers (probably comes from the same part of me that wants to be a mounted police officer), and thought it sounded quite interesting. The cover caught my eye as soon as I could tear my eyes away from the title. The exquisite rose by the dark, lakeside trees begged me to unravel the mystery in those pages.

I ‘borrowed’ it out of the online library before you could even see the excited expression on my face. True, with school and such, it took me a couple days to read it…and it was well worth it.

My excitement about reading a crime thriller set at the end of WWI dissipated as soon as I read the first chapter. This was obviously not a crime thriller. But it was interesting enough to capture and keep my attention. After all, what wasn’t there to dislike?

Ruth remembered drowning.

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