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Spiritual Warfare for Your Family

Unknown-2When I was in college, a group of my friends and I went on a weekend retreat. I was canoeing with a friend who was deathly afraid of water because he didn’t know how to swim. His canoe tipped and even though he was wearing a life jacket, he panicked. As I tried to give him reassurance that he would not drown on my watch, I stuck my paddle in the water and discovered that although it was murky, it was only waist deep. Stifling my laughter, I shouted out, “Darryl, stand up!”

Darryl was battling a lie, but as long as he thought it was the truth, he struggled. Once he realized the truth, Darryl overcame his fear and won his war.

[…] When an enemy is outnumbered and out-armed, his best weapon is deception! The devil is both defeated and disarmed, but he still wins victories in our lives through his cunning use of deception.

Taken from Chapter Five of the book.

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