God’s Faithful Firebrand Ralph G. Finch

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If you want the thrill of reading about a real life pioneer who went beyond the bounds of safety and took unbelievable risks because he believed God had called him to carry the Gospel around the world, you will want to read this book. No Olympian runner ever carried a firebrand higher or ran with greater purpose and passion than did the farm boy from southern Ohio. Without hesitation, for a lifetime Ralph G. Finch crisscrossed America and the world holding high the torch of right and holy living. He thrilled with the excitement of the race and always saw victory ahead. He kept his face set like a flint of steel and never veered to the right or left. His fervent, pioneer spirit drove him to always explore new opportunities for ministry. His willingness to go to the hard places never ceased. He had the ability to make any place he went to, glow with expectancy and hope. To him, missions was not just an enthusiasm, however interesting and glamorous, that passed with time, but a fervor springing from a heart aflame with a burden to help hurting humanity the world around, which lasted throughout his whole life.

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More Than Rivals

Unknown-1Everyone in Gallatin, Tennesse, and all the rest of the south in 1960’s, knew the rules. Blacks and whites don’t mix. Ever. Even though things like segregation were going on… blacks and whites don’t mix.

Everyone except for Eddie Sherlin and Bill Ligon, that is. Basketball, after all, doesn’t care about the color of the hand that bounces it. It just needs to be bounced.

They didn’t set out to make a difference in their town. They weren’t out to change things. But God used their relationship to not only affect them, but all of Gallatin.

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