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Murder is No Accident

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What happens in the past stays in the past.


Dementia has Miss Fonda living as a time traveller. Sometimes she’s here, sometimes she’s then. When she finds the body of Geraldine Harper at the bottom of her steps, she’s transported to the past, to her sister’s death.

It was an accident then, and it was an accident now too… or is it?

When a second body shows up, it’s obvious that something caused Geraldine’s fall. But with all the new people in Hidden Springs, who was it? And when Alex comes to town… will Michael be able to handle her leaving again?

It you like your small-town America sweet and quirky–with a dash of sinister–you’ll love this latest whodunit from deft storyteller A. H. Gabhart.

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Book Reviews, Revell Books Publishing, Reviews

Murder Comes By Mail

MurderComesByMailThe man wanted to die. Michael stopped him. The last thing the man Michal saved said was, “you’ll wish you pushed me.” And after opening a letter addressed to him, Michael was wishing that he wasn’t strong enough to stop the man, or that he hadn’t gotten there in time, or better yet, he was nowhere near the bridge.

But he was.

You’ll wish you pushed me, the man had hissed, laying on the cement, still alive.

Michael did. With all his heart, he wished he did.

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