Z: Zhen and Ganea – A Fable

Unknown-1Ganea was a very pretty mare who liked a lot of attention. Especially attention the stallions gave her. Her long mane flowed and rippled, her hooves shone and her coat was flashy. Anywhere she trotted, the stallions around were looking. And she loved it.

Zhen, however, wasn’t quite as pretty as Ganea. Oh she was pretty, but sometimes, when hanging around the gorgeous Ganea, she didn’t feel like it. When all the stallions turned toward Ganea, leaving Zhen in the corner, she felt alone and ugly.

One day, Ganea noticed it. That day, she took Zhen to her stall. “Here you are, sweetheart!!” Ganea giggled, tossing Zhen special shampoo to make her coat flashy, special conditioner to make her mane ripple, and paint to put on her hooves. She applied makeup and then let Zhen look in the mirror.

Zhen could hardly believe it!! She looked gorgeous!! Just like Ganea! But, Zhen then noticed that she didn’t look anything like Zhen. She was a totally different mare.

She washed the stuff off and turned to Ganea. “I think I’ll just be myself.”

Several years later, a weary preacher came to Ganea and Zhen’s pasture. He wasn’t the handsomest stallion around, but he and Zhen fell in love and were married. It was the most beautiful marriage ever, the others said, because they had both waited for each other and never gave any other horse part of their heart.

Ganea, however, never had a steady date. She was always flirting and bouncing around from handsome date to handsomer date. She always got the handsome ones, the gossips said. One day, she found that she wasn’t as pretty as the younger mares coming up. The stallions started paying more and more attention to them instead. Soon, Ganea was all by her lonesome self and she wished that she hadn’t wasted her life on parties, short term stallions, and living for the moment.

Zhen died surrounded by her loving children who tenderly cared for her in her last days. Ganea died by herself, broken spiritually and physically. Zhen was loved and cherished because of who she was. Ganea was loved for her looks and charming personality—only used if the stallion was handsome—that always made even the biggest loser feel good. Zhen had a good life. Ganea wasn’t quite sure what she had, but it wasn’t like Zhen’s.

They lived two very different lives and had two very different outcomes. Who would you rather be, Zhen or Ganea?

For my History, (The Mystery of History Vol. 1) I had to write a fable as we were learning about Aesop and his fables. Did you know that he was murdered? Yes, he refused to take some money from King Croesus to the people of Delphi but Aesop didn’t think they deserved it. The people of Delphi were so angry, they threw him over a cliff!!!!


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