X: X

X…Wow. Definitely the hardest letter in the dictionary.

imagesBut Xojo starts with an X. Pronounced Zo-jo, it is a programming language. My Dad uses it for his work and on Sunday, left to go to the Xojo Developers Conference and give two lectures/presentations/talks. I’m not quite sure what they call them. (So proud of him!)

And there’s always that X factor. I wonder why it means something special? Hmmm. Check this out, btw. It talks about it. I wonder if I have ‘it’?

But then the X turns bad with X-rated movies. Why on earth would anyone even think of producing a movie like that?????? I guess it’s because people will watch it, huh? Christians, this is a call to prayer. Prayer for those who make them and prayers for those who watch them and the families it messes up.

Xwprmuae0 goes interesting again with the X-ray Fish. You can’t exactly see this in the picture but they are a small, almost transparent freshwater fish and it’s native to South America. Wow. Transparent fish!!!!

But here’s another interesting X. Xanadu is an idealized place of great or idyllic [extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque] magnificence and beauty. Are they thinking about Heaven? That is the only place I can think of that will be completely Xanadu.

What is your favorite X word?

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