P: Peace

“This wasn’t what I signed up for, God.” I told him plainly.

It’s not, huh?

“No, it’s not. They hate me.”

They don’t hate you.

“Haven’t you heard Michael?”

Michael’s father is drunk most of the time.

“Ok, so what about Kayleen? She never says anything nice.”

Kayleen’s mother abandoned her and now she’s living with her fifth pair of foster parents.

“Did you hear what Ian called me today?”

You aren’t here to judge them and get discouraged, Amy!! You’re here to tutor them and help them have a bright future.

“I can’t help them if they don’t want help!”

Then ask for My help.

“I need help, God.”

Good. Thank you.

“Miss Amy!!!”

“Time to go, God. Michael’s here.”

I’m with you.

“Thanks God.” Amy looked up at the son. “I’ll keep going for You, Lord.”

Thanks, Amy.

“Coming, Michael!!”

A peace washed over her and filled her up.

Written for Thursday 360. Congratulations Grand Champion, Charles!! For the second time in a row as well!


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