K: Knapsack of Names

SnoopyWritingI was writing a chapter that had a lot of Ukrainian names. What did I know about Ukrainian names??


(Sure, sure. Laugh all you want. You try and name one.)

“She’s not wearing her backpack.” Semen announced, looking up from his laptop.

Bjorn scowled.

“It hasn’t moved since she dumped it last night.” Semen added. “Most certainly didn’t go on that train with her. We’ve lost her, Boss.”

“We can’t lose her!!” Bjorn exploded. “She’s our only lead! I should have put the tracker on her, not her stupid pack.”

“Alf’s not looking good,” Pavlo slipped in from the other room. “He lost a lot of blood.”

“We. Have. To. Find. Her.” Bjorn snarled. “We have to find Sven. I want to leave this forsaken country.”

A knock sounded at the door.

Martyn glanced out the peep-hole. “Yosyp is here.”

“Let him in.” Bjorn stood and faced the door.

Yosyp stepped in. “Did you get her?”

“Lied about her identity and then told us he was in Quebec. Didn’t believe a word she said.” Bjorn snapped. “Beat up Alf pretty good too.”

“You should’ve killed her.” Yosyp growled.

“Planted a tracker.” Semen spoke up. “But whatever it was attached to was left behind.”

“You should’ve flat out killed her.” Yosyp repeated.

“Well we didn’t.” Bjorn snapped. “So shut up and start thinking.”

“There’s only one thing to do.” Martyn said, looking around. “Wait and hope that she or that Conor guy comes back. Then pounce.”

*grin* Can you even pronounce any of them?

So, I brought all of that up to tell you about Behind the Name’s Name Generator. 🙂

Before this, I had been using the Random Name Generator. But unfortunately, with this name generator, you can’t select anything. With Behind the Name’s, you can select many options, including Ukrainian (surprise), Biblical, Hillbilly (Wheathauler Cowpusher), and many, many, many more…

If you need a name, be sure to check it out!!!


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