H is for How I Want to Live my Life

HThis was written as an essay answer to the question, “what occupation would you like to have in the future? Why?”


My dream occupation is a stay at home mom living with lots off kids on a farm. I want to foster kids and then adopt those that I can. With my many kids, I want to raise and train a horse or ten, raise and eat a steer every year, and maybe own a couple sheep or goats.

Why? Because this is a huge battle front for Christ right here, to take a child who feels like the world is against him and show him (or her) that Christ is always there for him, no matter what, and that I will be there for him too. Motherhood is also a desire implanted into every woman in this world. They have done this job since Adam and Eve. It fulfills some craving deep within a woman.

They say that a woman can do everything a man can do… but a manimages can’t do everything a woman does. I tend to disagree. A woman cannot take the man’s place in the house as the casting, loving, instructing father that all kids need and neither can a man take the nurturing role of the mother. I am ready to take on my role. Lord, use me.

If you had told me five years ago… or even two years ago… that I would say motherhood is my dream occupation, I would have dismissed you as completely crazy. I was sure that I was called to singleness, would never have kids, and would spend my life roaming from ranch to ranch as a cowboy. My parents (and grandparents and Mom’s  friends) kept telling me that I would change my mind when I “reached that age”. And what do you know? I think I’ve reached it. 😉

And also, just a quick note. I did mean to add more descriptive words to ‘mother’ like I did father…but my thirty minutes were running out and I still had to edit it. 

Whitie's Calf
Whitie’s Calf

Mom took this picture for my ‘H’, calling it ‘Hidden’. Thanks Mom!!!!!

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