Thank You, Hero

On Monday, November 28th, 2016, there was a disaster at the Ohio State University. A  legal immigrant and fellow student from OSU smashed his car into a crowd of students and then pulled out a butcher knife and started a rampaged stabbing. Two minutes later, his rampage ended thanks to OSU Officer Horujko.

Thank you so much, Officer Horujiko. What would have happened if you hadn’t been there? How many more victims would there have been? What more damage would he have caused had you not stopped him? Many, many people owe their loved ones’ safety to you. Thank you, hero, for being there, for choosing the career you did, for facing the threat instead of running away.



News Articles:

CNN –  Ohio State University: Attacker killed, 11 hospitalized after campus attack

Ohio State police officer thanked for quick response to attack

NYTimes – Suspect Is Killed in Attack at Ohio State University That Injured 11

NBC – Suspect Identified in Ohio State Attack as Abdul Razak Ali Artan


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