Great News

I was going to post something about a really cool app called Scripture Typer this week, but that’s going to have to wait. Compassion Blog posted a blog post that I thought was just awesome.  The entire blog post is great (read it here), but the part I wanted to focus on is toward the bottom.

We hate to say it … but 90 percent of the U.S. might be wrong.

Several polls have found that around 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. believe that extreme poverty across the globe has gotten worse or stayed the same over the last 20 years. But here’s the truth: it’s gotten better. And not just by a little bit.

Quick fact check:

  • The number of people who have been living in extreme poverty has decreased by almost HALF since 1981.
  • 50 percent more young children living in poverty are surviving now as compared to 20 years ago.
  • Before the 1960s a majority of the world was illiterate. Now over 80 percent of us humans can read.

How about them apples? Feel free to nerd out on more encouraging data with this detailed report on world poverty.

Why This Is Worth It: We’re in the business of God’s hope. We strive with you and our local church partners to be hope for the children we’re investing in. These children who grow up and become world-changers, community-givers and hope-bringers themselves. They are the joyous reflection of these positive statistics. We truly believe that extreme poverty can be eradicated, one child at time. And you should, too.

Is that impressive or what? The number of people living in extreme poverty (living on less than $1.90) has been sliced in half! Over 80 percent of people can read now!

Because I’m a nerd (and because this is super cool), I went to the ‘detailed report’ and checked it out. This is one of the charts they had there.


Do you see all those lines? How they’re all heading down? *dances*

Smile, everyone. Today is a good day. 😀


(If you are interested in getting those lines all the way to the bottom, check out Compassion International (click here) or World Vision (click here) to find how you can help today!)

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