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Top Ten Reasons to Love School

Hey, everyone!

I don’t know when your school starts, but mine starts on Monday. In honor of school (and because I haven’t done a Top Ten in a long time) I present Top Ten Reasons To Love School!

  1. Because the more you know, the more effective person you are. The more effective a person you are, the more you can change the world around you for the better.33f47e3779e36177231a31e28c419566
  2. Because knowledge is power. See, don’t you feel so much more powerful now that you know that?? (For those of you who didn’t get the reference…. SHAME ON YOU! Go read Christopher Healy’s The Hero’s Guide series IMMEDIATELY!)
  3. Because… corny homeschool jokes. They always come out around the time of school and are so fun to laugh at…52510ccf50f9e349b149aa4493252633
  4. Because the amazing Literature books. With all the stories. And book reports! That you can read and actually get credit for!Unknown-2
  5. Because writing assignments! That you get credit for. And… and… and… what more do I have to say?writer_new
  6. Because friends! Since I’m doing college this year, I’m going to have friends via school! (Notice! I do have friends. Just… not through school. 😀 Trust me, there are plenty more ways to have friends than just school.)
  7. Because it’s a gift!Learning-Is-A-Gift.-Even-When-Pain-Is-Your-Teacher Honestly, though, being able to go to school? That means you have a better life than the 757 million adults who can’t read or write.
  8. Because fun! Wait, don’t give me that look. What do you mean you don’t think school is fun? You don’t get excited when it’s time to start school again? WHAT KIND OF LIFE DO YOU HAVE??? Unknown-3
  9. Because life. How on earth can you be ready to step out on your own after school if you *gulp* have no idea how to read? Or write? Or… do math? If that happened, you’d be helpless for your entire life, always depending on others, and other bad stuff and thangs. Not a great thing. :O
  10. Because summer breaks. Sure, school is awesome. And it’s fun. But you gotta admit, every year when June (or whenever your school ends for the year) rolls around, you’re plenty ready for that summer break. And just think, if there was no school, all you Jr. High and Sr. High schoolers would have jobs! Meaning… no summer break.



What are some reasons that you love(d) school?



15 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons to Love School”

  1. Oh my word, I LOVED this post!!! =D AND YES. YES. YES. YES. The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom was my FAVORITE book. Now I’ve moved on though(gimme some slack, I mean *Jace* is my forever boo.).

    And homeschool jokes are the bomb. I once dedicated a whole Pinterest board to homeschool jokes. They’re the best. It’s true. x)
    Reading!!! WRITING!!! AMEN. (I’m sorry for the CAPS, I’m very happy right now… hehehe!)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Keep it up.

    Rock on. Homeschool on. And never not smile. Peace.


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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. *squeals* Another Hero’s Guide fan!!! YAY!!!!

      Haha. I actually have a homeschool board right now. They are so awesome, even if they do occasionally make fun of us. 😛

      Have another great day!

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  2. I decided to read this again. also when you’re doing English, it will improve your vocabulary and your writing skills, one thing you should love about English. and learning never ends, even when you’re not in school, there will never be a time when you never ever have to stop learning. you can even learn a lot of great stuff from books. it really annoys me when people hate school.

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      1. Yeah, me too. when I was younger, I ddn’t dislike school, I mean it’s not my favorite thing to do like reading, music and writing, but I do like it. and you can even learn stuff outside of school. and school can also give you life lessons, like don’t think of such and such things only done during school. such as the scientific method, you see it outside of school, not just during school or a science experiment.


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