What’s Up With Me

So, I haven’t been writing for a while. A seriously long while. Summer break made me a bit lazy. But school’s starting up in two weeks (already??) and so I figured I oughta write a little and get myself going again.

I had thought about closing this blog down. I was pretty busy and wondered if I shouldn’t just move on to other things in life. But I realized I couldn’t part with it or you guys. I love talking to you all via my blog, even if it hasn’t been regular lately, and I just don’t want to lose that.

So. This is not the goodbye post I originally planned for it to be. 😀

So what’s up with me?

Well, in two weeks, school starts. I have the opportunity to take online college classes through Cedarville University (yay!!) and I cannot wait for that to start! I’m going to be taking General Psychology and U.S. History I. And yes, I have to continue with my Junior year of high school as well. Posts might be a little rare during the winter because of that load, but I’m gonna try.

NaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-SquareDoes anyone remember NaNoWriMo last November? Well, I’ve been doing some serious editing to the story I wrote back then, and now I’m looking at publishing! I still haven’t chosen a title, but I have a couple of beta readers lined up and after some more serious editing, hopefully, I’ll be able to start looking for agents towards the end of this year, middle of next!

And, because of that, I’m going to look into creating an author’s blog. Not right this instant, but pretty soon. I want to have a little bit of time to get some followers before I publish. More info to come on that.

Oh! And have you seen Seventeen by Alessia Cara? One of my friends suggested it to me when we were all freaking out about how old we were getting to be. (I know, I know, teenagers aren’t supposed to do that, but…) If you haven’t seen it, check it out:

Oh! And my family found a little baby barn sparrow that had a broken leg and so we had it with us for about three weeks as we nursed it back. Its leg is still twisted, but it flew away! Good luck in life, Chippy!

What else have I done this summer…

Oh! Ham radio license! Anyone here heard of Ham Radio? amateur radio? Hams? No? Ok, so basically, amateur radio (called ham radio by the people who love it for an unremembered reason) is a hobby (there is actually a rule that you cannot be paid to use it) where people (like me) can use a radio to talk to other people all over the world. To become a ham, you must pass a test. Communication is done on bands (relatively narrow frequency segments) extending from 1.8 MHz (a wavelength of about 160 meters) upwards through several hundred gigahertz (wavelengths in the millimeter range). There are several classes (or ranks) of licenses. The more privileges a class of license conveys, the more difficult is the examination that one must pass to obtain it. First, (the one with the least privileges) is the Technician. Second is the General. Then there’s the Extra.

This summer, both my sister and I studied for our ham licenses. My sister got her Technician and I got my General. Since then, I’ve talked as close as a few miles down the road and as far away as Serbia. And I’ve completely nerded out several of my friends talking about it. So much fun.

That’s my summer so far. How about you all? Life treatin’ you good?


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