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Robin Adair – The second Carlingford Chronicles is finally out!

Whitney L. Schwartz’s third book is finally out! I’ve been waiting for a long time to be able to read this! I will admit, I read this book several times before I got the chance to review, but it was worth it. 😀 Robin Adair, a minor character in Mona Lisa, now has her very own book!

Robin’s never had an easy life, and now is no different. Her Ma is still dying, and her Da is still drinking. To top it all of, Niall Ahern and Shane O’Reilly are chasing her.

She’s always been a bit sweet on Shane since childhood. But he’s fallen from godly ways. Robin thinks he can change though. All he needs is a little persuasion.

Things at home get worse, till she can’t stand staying there anymore. Shane has problems… problems Robin knows she can fix if he marries her. And so… they strike up an… arrangement. A marriage of convenience.

But Niall…. is angry at the arrangement, to say the least.

Will Shane ever change? Will they ever find true love? Will Niall suck up his loss… or is tragedy about to hit the new marriage?

Ireland comes to life with Whitney’s writing, as does Robin, Shane and the Mona and Brogan’s new little bundle. 😀

Definitely check it out on Amazon if you get a chance. Click here for the link.

Happy reading, all! I hope you enjoy!

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