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Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson

TracesOfGuiltIt’s a cold case murder mystery that cops are trying to solve… of course I’m going to pick it up and read it! It helps that it also has an amazing cover like this.

Ann Falcon is being cryptic again, Josh thinks, as she explains that an old friend, Grace, is coming back to town. She’s going to ask a favor and she’s going to need Josh to be there for her.

Evie Blackwell is coming to town as part of a test trial for the state to try and solve cold cases. There are two in Carin County: a six year old girl who went missing at a motel and a missing Deputy family. She aims to solve both of them during her two week vacation.

Gabriel is busy being Sheriff of Carin County. There’s always something to be done, always someone to help. That includes going to find a missing woman who hit a deer and left a trail of blood, and helping Evie Blackwell know when to take a break.

Karen and Will are dating, both with  painful experiences behind them. But… Karen has a secret. Will it effect their relationship? After all, somethings are just too big to ask.

All of these stories weave together to create a masterful tale of of suspense and mystery. Beware folks, this isn’t an action story, but rather, a puzzle, pieced together piece by piece, slowly, slowly…

Dee Henderson put together a wonderful story here. She wove together multiple stories, each of them connecting in some way to the others. The characters are deep, real, and human.

Sometimes, with so many stories in one place, it did get a little confusing, but for the most part, it was easy to keep track of. Solving who killed the Florist family or if they were even killed at all? Not so easy.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! I hope that you all enjoy it just as much as I do. (Finished it in one holiday.)

*I was given this book in exchange for a honest review*

Note to parents: this is a story about murder! Also, one of the cases involves a sex offender. It doesn’t go into any details about what happened, as it is a cold case, but that is part of the story. You might want to preview the story before letting your children read it.


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