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The Killing by Robert Muchamore

{C1273166-3331-4E54-AA41-D69CE009D594}Img400I thought it was going to be a cute action story. Keyword: thought. Kids from 10-17 playing spy and beating up bad guys…sounds awesome right?


I’ll tell you what,  story is not worth reading, and being that it’s a busy life and all, you’ve probably got plenty of other blogs to check out today and write a blog post (if you haven’t already) and do the dishes and your homework and whatever else, just skip this review and do something profitable. If you want to know why I don’t like it, keep reading. But if you’re a normal person with a busy schedule, just skip it.

The story starts off with a short prologue of the apparent suicide of Will. The CHERUBS come in 3 pages later as thirteen year old James and Shak slip through a fence to plant some bugs on a supposed terrorist. When they come back, they are put in a training exercise in which they have to try to keep all their eggs from breaking. (That part of the story was fun.) After the battle, when James goes to hang out with his girlfriend, Kerry, they get into a fight and he finds himself ditched. When he takes out his frustration on a laughing kid, he finds himself in big trouble, taken off summer vacation, and shunned by his friends.

That’s how he got this mission.

Leon Tarasov is pushing his luck. Mille is getting annoyed of not being able to  tie him into anything and calls for help from the CHERUBS. Since she’s an exCHERUB herself, she is able to acquire the help she needs: James and Dave. They pose as foster kids. Dave, the oldest, has been ‘aged out’ and was able to keep his brother, James, with him. Their job? To hang out with Leon’s kids and get in that way. It helps that Leon also gives Dave a job.

The mission progresses along quite nicely, and they get Michael, the killer of Will, and Leon to bring each other down. Everyone lives happily ever after. Except for the bad guys, who are in jail, that is.

This story is labeled ‘Young Adult Fiction’, but honestly, it reads like it was written for eleven/twelve/thirteen year olds, and the book is rude. Very, very rude. It starts off with a thirteen year old girl using ‘Jesus’ as a curse word and only get worse from there. James and Dave talk about slipping hands down pants and up shirts. Sonya, Leon’s daughter, shows up at the apartment several times to have sex with Dave. The boys talk about girls as if they are good only for touching and having sex with.

I would be shellshocked if I found out that my parents were reading this book, much less my fourteen year old sister.

If you see this book in a store, I would suggest that you skip right past it. It’s not worth your money or time.

Happy reading! (With some other book)

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