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Z: Zoobreak by Gordon Korman

ZoobreakNote to parents: all of your kids can read this book. I suggest sitting down together and laughing out loud as a family.

I love the Swindle series! Even so, Zoobreak is my favorite in the group. I mean, really? What’s not funnier than watching some kids try to save animals from a cruel master, and having a beaver in a flooded basement, or a prairie dog with stuffed animals to hide them?

Griffin Bing is a planner. It’s just what he does. So when Savannah’s monkey goes missing…and then is found at a floating zoo, Griffin starts planning away. Everyone on the team has a job. From Melissa to Logan to Ben to Pitch to Savannah. Unfortunately, they also need Darren.

Finally when the night comes and they go to break out Savannah’s monkey, Savannah decides that she cannot leave a single animal behind in the horrid zoo. Once glance around and the rest of the team agrees.

They decide to take the animals to a friend of Savannah’s, one who loves animals just as much as she does. After they break them all out and get them away from the zoo, they find out that she’s out in Africa.


They must hide the animals until she returns….



>Kellerman Underground Wetlands–beaver, frogs, salamanders, turtles

>Dukakis Split-Level Prairie–hen, piglet, prairie dog

>Denson Temperate Forest–gerter snakes, chipmunks, squirrels

>Drysdale Custom Habitat–capuchin monkey, rabbits, white rats, duck, loon

>Slovak Suburban Desert–Chuckwalla, ferret

>Bing Rodent House–hamsters, gerbils, mice, meerkat

This book is a ton of fun and perfectly acceptable for all children. Griffin Bing and his gang have more misadventures than any other kid, and Gordon Korman does an excellent job of writing it up for all of us.

I highly suggest this book for a family read together. And if you’re a teenager? No problem. I like it too. If you see it in a bookstore or library, pick it up. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Happy reading!

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