A to Z, A to Z 2016

*Long Sigh*

I’m sorry to say that I’m calling it quits on the challenge for this year. I really hate to say that, but it’s gotten too busy at our house. We’re having a birthday party for my mom this Sunday, my calf I’m feeding, sheep to doctor (they have foot rot *sigh*) and school. I could probably keep doing the challenge if I worked crazy hard for it…but they’d be second rate posts and I don’t want that.

*Long sigh* of disappointment.

*Long sigh* of relief.

Guess this is it. I didn’t survive this year.


5 thoughts on “*Long Sigh*”

  1. I like your regular post anyways 🙂 the challenges, in my opinion, become too… I don’t know what the right word is, but for me I feel like theyre a burden and then they start to feel less authentic. I like your more authentic posts. good luck with all your stuff going on!

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    1. Thanks. Yeah, I agree. It was more of a ‘oh shoot I HAVE to get this post out, just cram on it’. It wasn’t as enjoyable this year as it was last year.

      haha thanks. yeah, the party was a blast and everything’s starting to cool down a little. 😀

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