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T: Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix

TurnaboutWhat happens if you give old folks the ability to grow young again? And then to keep them at the age of 25 or so for…eternity? What happens when a person slowly turns younger, one year at a time?

And that is what Turnabout is all about.

The story starts on April 21, 2085, with Melly, turning 16 and mourning the loss of her license. Melly and Anny Beth are getting younger. But it’s not without difficulties. See, the age lowering was suppose to stop around twenty five. But it didn’t. Now, they’re scared. What’s going to happen to them when they are too young to take care of themselves? No one else is allowed to know about this secret experiment, so how are they going to even explain the predicament? But they know one thing for sure, they are not going back to the agency.

And when a reporter starts asking questions about Melly…well, they have to move. They end up in the desert and call to the agency for new ID. The reporter finds that call though, and tries again to get in touch with them. That’s when they decide to go back to their roots. They move back to Kentucky and drop off the radar in the park. Melly finds her old cabin–a historical landmark now.

But what happens when they find the reporter there as well? And with their time running out, who can they trust?

Turnabout was an interesting book about a very interesting story. In the back of the book, there’s a section about learnings in this area. That is especially interesting.

I wouldn’t say this is the best of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s best works, but it is interesting. It’s a rainy day book, not a beautiful-day-I-can-ride-my-horse book.

If you get a chance, I would suggest picking this book up at your local library!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “T: Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix”

  1. Blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge. I decided to start with bloggers WAY dow the list figuring they wouldn’t get as many visits. As a writer, I think from time to time that there are so many nooks, how will people find my 2 novels. Reading about some of the books you have in your #Challenge theme, I take heart, different books for different folks. Inviting you to TEA today-part of my theme of hotels and inns this year. Hope you have time and interest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply, it’s been rather busy around here. Different books for different people is a good way to put it!! I’m sure the right people will find your novels.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and good luck on the last two days of the challenge!


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