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M: Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen

MarkOfTheThiefMark of the Thief was recommended to me by the same person who recommended Last in a Long Line of Rebels. Of course I was going to read this book then.

There is only one worse thing that could happen to Nicolas Calva. Sal marry his sister. But other than that, nothing. He was a slave in a mine in Rome. His father died because he was struck by lightening (Really, Father? Did you have to go out in that storm?) and his mother was sold away. What more could go wrong?

But then, a cave filled with Caesar’s things is found at the mine. The first man who went in is dead, the second went crazy. And now Sal wants Nic to go. Nic refuses, but overhears General Randulf’s plot against the empire. Randulf forces Nic to be the one to go, to look for Caeser’s bulla. So he finds it, along with piles of gold, and a griffin who claws his back and then seems to listen to him. The cave starts to collapses and the griffin flies Nic out of the cave.

At first, Nic is just happy to be alive and out of the cave. But when someone sees that the scratch on his back is more than just a scratch, Nic finds out that there are a lot worse things than than being a slave in the mines.

Like being tricked into betraying the griffin, being betrayed into the Colosseum, losing Livia, losing his magic, and finding out who General Randulf really is.

Yeah. There are a lot worse things.

I really enjoyed this story. Poor Nic, no matter what he did, everything just got worse and worse. I can’t wait to read Rise of the Wolf and the third book in the trilogy to find out how he’s going to overcome it all.

Would I suggest it? Absolutely. Especially if you like stories where everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Sorry for the short post…I had a busy today. Anyways, Happy Reading and be sure to stop by again tomorrow for Not a Chance by Michelle Mulder.


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