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I: Independence Hall by Roland Smith

IndependenceHallRemember me telling you that you were going to hear about the books I bought for Christmas? Yup, well here we go. Insignia was the first book on my list, but Independence Hall was definitely second. 😀 Why I decided to review Independence Hall instead of Insignia for A to Z? Mostly because I was reading Independence Hall and the read of the I, Q (try searching for that in a library catalog: not an easy task!) way before I even knew Insignia existed, and because I don’t think the I, Q series has as much publicity as Insignia. Anyways, enough about that. You came here to learn about the book, not my rantings.

What do you do when your dead mother isn’t dead and is actually a infamous terrorist, when your coach breaks down in the middle of the desert because of a device designed to stop you there, when the roadie who’s driving your family’s coach turns out to be a retired spy keeping an eye on you, and when that waiter over there is actually part of the Israeli Mossad and seems to have a death wish on you? Oh. Yeah, and that police officer over there really isn’t a police officer. And there’s a reason that paparazzi reporter is following you around–a different one than your parent’s fame.

That is the situation Q (short for Quest) and Angela find themselves in. When their parents say ‘I do’ and start the national tour for their newly made band Match, everything turns upside down for the two kids. Unable to tell their parents (otherwise they’d cancel the tour and this was their only chance), Q and Angela race to get to the bottom of the mystery.

When they finally find Angela’s mom, they discover that she’s not actually the terrorist they feared her to be. Instead, she slipped inside that role in an attempt to find the leaders of the terrorist group inside the United States.

This is only the beginning. And if Q and Angela can’t solve this mystery and stop the terrorists’ plot, the entire United States is going down.

I found this series when I was searching high and low for an action story to keep me entertained. I was in that stage of too young to go to the teens but too old to be interested in the kids section. The I, Q series is perfect for that. It’s also great for older teens who want a good action story involving modern day mysteries. Beware though, girls, this doesn’t have much romance in it. Although that’s one of the reasons I love it. No crazy, sappy stuff to struggle through. Just pure mysterious action. 😀

Need a good book to give you a boost of energy? This story will definitely do that.

If you ever get a chance, pick it up. It is definitely, absolutely worth the read. 😀

Happy reading all! Enjoy!



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