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E: Elise the Actress by Norma Jean Lutz

EliseTheActressElise the Actress is a book geared toward younger children. The reason I’m featuring it today is because I loved this series (along with the Dear America series as well) when I was younger, and also because many of you have kids aged 8-12 that could benefit from this series.

Time Period: January 1864 – April 1865

With the nation convulsed by civil war, Elise Brannon wants people to look past the depressing news that arrives daily from the battlefields: Through her love of acting, she’ll make them laugh and forget-at least for awhile. But even her optimism is challenged when a family friend dies from battle wounds…she’s captured by a band of deserters…and President Lincoln is assassinated.

Elise the Actress uses actual historical events to tell the poignant fictional story of a ten-year-old girl growing up in very trying times. It’s an excellent tool for teaching both history and the Christian faith!

Elise just wants to make people laugh, but no matter what she does, no one can forget the war. When she tries to put on a funny play, Samuel, instead of a funny poem, recites a reading that stirs up loyalty. Elise is frustrated.

“Oh, Verly, I wanted everyone to laugh and be happy. Laughter is the best medicine. Why can’t people forget the terrible war, even if it’s only for one evening?

Yet as they continue to live their lives, Elise learns about making the right choice, compassion, and forgiveness. It’s very good for showing the way life actually was during the Civil War. It’s a story of Compassion, and love, and hope.

It’s a kids book, so some things are watered down a bit. Not too much though. Elise the Actress shows kids the way it was back then. Never underestimate the ability of a book like this to make kids somewhat understand and abhor war.

Would I recommend it? For people in the correct age range, yes! It truly tells of the feelings and events that happened in a correct manner that also enforces the Christian life. If you have kids 8-12ish, I would suggest getting it! (Especially you homeschoolers. 😛 )

Happy reading, everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow with a story aimed more for teenagers. 😀


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