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C: (My Life As) Crocodile Junk Food by Bill Myers

MyLifeAsCrocodileJunkFoodIf you want a book that will keep you laughing from the first paragraph to the last word, pick up this book, or any other in The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle series.

Wally McDoogle and his Dad are on a missions trip. Wally’s not the most excited (life without TV and other necessities?), but Dad says it’ll teach him to be a real man.

He [Dad] climbed down to meet Mr. Rodriguez. The two men threw their arms around each other like they were in a bear hug competition. When they’d finished breaking each other’s ribs, Dad turned to make the introductions:

“Paulo, this is my son Wally. Wally, my good friend, Paulo Rodriguez.”

We shook hands. I don’t want to say that the guy’s grip was strong, I just hoped that in a couple of weeks I’d be able to use my fingers again.

When Wally and Jamie, Mr. Rodriguez’s son, decide to go and explore some caves instead of talk to some kids about God, it turns out to be the worst, and best, decision they ever make.

After encountering wiggling vines,  Ten-Steppers, aliens, and the ‘rain’ part of the rain forest, they finally make it to the cave, where they find skins that poachers have left behind. While they’re still inside, the poachers come back.

Uh oh.

A nasty chase ensues and leaves Wally and Jamie swimming in the river.

“I hope you can swim!” Jamie yelled over his shoulder to me.

“No need,” I called back. “My feet can touch the bottom.”

“Uh, I wouldn’t do that, Wally.”

“Why not?”

“Stingrays–they sleep on the bottom. They’re not real keen about getting stepped on.”

I pulled up my feet. “Is that why those guys didn’t jump in after us?”

“Nah,” Jamie said. “They’re just afraid of the piranha.”

“Piranha? What’s that?” Somehow I already suspected the worse.

“Man-eating fish.”


“Yeah, but usually they just attack smaller animals.”


“It’s the crocodiles we gotta watch out for.”


Before they know what’s happening, the roar of a waterfall fills their ears and they are swept over the edge. The last thing Wally remembers is a big rock and that it’s only the middle of the book…


Bill Myers (click here for author website) is hilarious and one of my favorite authors. Every time I pick up on of his The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle, I laugh the entire way through. Just ask Mom. 🙂 Myers is amazing at combining clean humor and learning at the same time. Each of his books has a moral that Wally allows you to see even better through his wildly wacky and dorky misadventures.

As the back of the book says:

My Life As Crocodile Junk Food keep readers laughing as Wally stumbles into a whole new set of impossible (and man-eating) predicaments…until he finally understand the need and joy of sharing Jesus Christ with others.

Would I recommend this book?

Are you kidding me? Of course I would!!!

The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle is a must have for every (I mean, every) library and bookshelf. If you ever see any of them, be sure to pick a couple up (and ship some to me!) and read them! I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Trust me, you need all of them. Yup, all 28.images

Happy reading!


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