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A: Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy

UnknownNote: I own this book. Since it is in my collection, my opinion of it might be biased. Just sayin’. 

Authentic Beauty is a book written by Leslie Ludy. I talk about her a great deal at the very beginning of my blog, as we had just hosted a simulcast of a conference put on by her. Check them out here; she talks about a lot of good stuff!

Anyways, back to the book. I read one book by her, Set-Apart Femininity, but I couldn’t find any other books at our library. So when I opened a Christmas present and found this next to a R2D2 journal, I was excited! (Thank you, Aunt A! 😀 ) I started to read it, one chapter at a time, after the holidays during my Quiet Time in the morning.

When I first opened the pages, this is what met me. A story that many are familiar with: dreaming of being a princess and then how real life smashed the dream and scattered it on the ground.

Her book is full of that (real life pains), but then offers hope through love of our Prince. One of the main things she emphasizes is our boyfriend/husband is not our true love! Jesus Christ, the author of romance–He is our true love! She continues on in her book talking about how we are to draw as close to our  True Prince as possible in this crazy world.

As set-apart young women, we must learn to guard one thing above all others: our sacred inner sanctuary. This holy chamber is the residence of our Prince it is His imprint upon our souls. It is there that we meet Him; it is there that we share our love with Him. We must consider the value of maintaining this set-apart atmosphere for the Prince worthy of our very lives. For when our sanctuary is preserved, so is our love relationship with Christ. And there is absolutely nothing more valuable than that! (pg. 126)

This is not a book for younger kids. (See tomorrow’s post for that.) This book talks about many things that would be above the heads of younger kids. If you are a parent, you might want to read this before handing it off to younger children.

Other than that, Leslie write an inspiring book, urging everyone who reads it to look upwards to Jesus Christ and to strive to be closer to him each and every day.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! I think this is a must have for every teenaged girl’s bookshelf! Thank you so much, Aunt A, for getting it for me!

Happy reading, y’all!


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