Beloved by Jordan Feliz

To anyone who feels alone and rejected  today.


5 thoughts on “Beloved by Jordan Feliz”

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I have been struggling with depression lately and haven’t slept or eaten in almost three days. I feel unwanted and rejected and this song gave me hope!! I have been playing it on repeat since I seen this post! Thank you so much!!

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    1. I am so happy to hear that this song has helped you! I was just listening to some songs and found this one and thought it would be a cool song to post. Isn’t it amazing how God works, to encourage us when we need it most?

      I will be praying for you. You are amazing and I love conversing with you through my blog. You have followed my blog much longer than a lot of people and I appreciate that! You are not unwanted–you are loved! You are not rejected–but accepted!

      Have a wonderful day, and get some sleep. What’s your favorite food?

      Love, daleenc. ❤


  2. I really love your blog! I got a little bit of sleep last night, thank god! my favorite food is probably my gramma’s fried chicken:) This song is kinda like my new fave

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  3. I’m glad that you’re feeling better! I hope that you continue to feel better. Fried chicken! awesome!

    lol, yeah, Jordan Feliz is one of my favorite artists. 😀 I’ll have to post his song ‘The River’ soon so you can see it. It’s pretty cool!


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