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Music Tag!

Thanks to Country Unlimited for tagging me for the Music Tag!

The rules are:
– Write 10 songs that come on shuffle (no skipping!)
– Write your favorite lyrics from each song
– Tag other bloggers

My Songs

Ready by Britt Nicole

I guess you need to hear it again/I’ve got a brand new life/Love’s on my side/Games over, you lose I win

How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle

Though I fall, you can make me new

Brave by Moriah Peters

I know I know I’m no superwoman/But impossible is possible with You

Shine on Us by Josh Wilson

God above is full of mercy/Turning darkness into dawn/All you who are weak and weary/Lift your heads and sing this song

Shackles by Mandisa

Been through the fire and the rain/Bound in every kind of way/But God has broken every chain/So let me go

Who Am I by Blanca

And I belong after all, ’cause of what You’ve done/This is real what I feel/No one made it up/I am loved

In the Belly of the Whale by Newsboys

The good Lord grants we all get a second chance

Miracles by Newsboys

You got me up from down/Faith has shattered my doubts/I believe in miracles

I’m Letting Go by Francesca Battistelli

Giving in to your gravity/Knowing You are holding me/I’m not afraid

Ready or Not by Britt Nicole

And I pledge allegiance to be somebody real/There’s no more holding it back/I’m showing them how I feel ’cause love is more than a word/It’s a noun, and a verb, and hiding it is absurd

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Have a wonderful evening!


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