Compassion Bloggers Trip

The Compassion Bloggers are in Ecuador!! This year, it is three women bloggers and their sons that are making the long journey down to Ecuador in order to write of the marvelous miracles God is working down there. The first round of posts came out last night and I thought you all might like to read them.

But first off, who are the Compassion Bloggers? According to Sam Hoover, the Social Media Manager for Compassion International (read entire blog post here):

Who is a Compassion blogger?

Do you have a blog? Do you have a heart for kids around the world who can’t speak up for themselves? Congratulations, friend! You’re a Compassion blogger. You care about the same things we care about and you use your voice to be heard online. Those are really the only requirements it takes to be a Compassion blogger.

(If you are interested in learning more, click here). Every year, Compassion takes one to two ‘Blogger Trips’ where they go to different countries where Compassion is working and experience first hand the amazing work that Compassion is doing.

What happens on a Compassion blogger trip?

We take a handful of bloggers to countries we serve in to witness our ministry in an up close and personal way. Each day is full of activities including visits to our church partners and child development centers serving Compassion-sponsored kids and their families in the community. The bloggers also meet with young moms who are benefiting from the care given to them through our Child Survival Program.

But yet, there is still the more important question of all that needs to be answered: how do I follow the Compassion Bloggers who are on a trip?

Let’s ask Sam again.

How do I follow a Compassion Blogger trip?

There are a ton of ways to follow Compassion bloggers trips!

One way is to follow the bloggers who are on the trip. Before each trip, we announce the bloggers who will be traveling with us and we include their blogs and some of their social channels they’ll be posting to.

Traveling in Ecuador this weekend are:

But since these are our trips to host, we are also posting stories, pictures and videos from the field as well. Representing Compassion is:

And then there’s us. I’m Sam and along with my partner-in-crime Eryn, we are responsible for storytelling here on the Compassion Blog as well as our social media channels including:

(I encourage you to read the whole post as I haven’t covered everything. Not in the slightest!)

But why Ecuador? What’s so special about that place? Check out Bri’s post, A Pilgrimage to Ecuador. There she explains a bit more about what is going on and also introduces you to the amazing bloggers and their sons who are taking this trip.

The featured posts are all collected into one site:  Compassion Bloggers Ecuador. It also shows how many children have been sponsored because of this trip! So far 9! Nine children have new lives because of people like you and me!

I hope that as I end this post, you all are checking it all out! They have some great blogs and the fact that they are blogging about changing the world right now makes it even greater!

Happy Reading, y’all!

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