NanoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo – What Happened?

So, thanks to Kinnii, you’re hearing about this. Because I had completely forgotten that I hadn’t written about it yet. 😀

The answer to the big question is…yes! I did finish NaNo! I successfully wrote 50,000 words this November. (And since I did it, I managed to talk one other friend into joining me next year. :D)


I actually did it! 50 thousand words!!

I can’t say that my book is very good right now. I did not write it chronologically, soooo, there are a lot of gaps I need to fill. Next year, I will definitely write it chronologically. Just a tip for y’all. 😀

NaNo was a very rewarding experience. I loved it. Sure, it got a little (ok, a lot) tough, but I actually completed a book!

Everyone I met on there was awesome. They were nice, helpful, encouraging. Did I mention awesome?The cover for my story, It Was Like She Knew

So yeah, I have a lot of editing to do, but they have a Camp NaNo in April! As long as I can get It Was Like She Knew edited by then so that I can compete in that, thing’ll be great!

I would highly recommend that everyone who has ever wanted to write a story do this. Either Camp NaNo, YWP NaNo, or the great NaNo itself. Not only will you have 50k of your story written, you’ll make some pretty great friends along the way!

I seriously hope to see some of you there next November! Trust me, it’s great!

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