I Am Second – Moriah Peters

I decided a while ago that I would save my kiss for marriage.

Not for engagement, but for the wedding day. For the day when we become ‘like one’. As I got older, I realized that I had not chosen the popular path. Even more conservative Christians around me were agreeing that it was ok to kiss when ‘the relationship got serious’ or when two people were ‘engaged’. Even people who I knew preached saving the first kiss changed their mind when they found their soul mate.

I was still determined to save that kiss, but I was getting a little discouraged.

Was there anyone at all who had the same commitment? Was I the only person in the universe? Shucks, was my husband even saving it for me?

That is, until I watched this on Friday and was so encouraged by what was said.

I hope you take a couple minutes to watch what Moriah has to say. And then check out the I Am Second site. I’ve just found it but I will definitely be looking through that over the next couple of weeks, months and probably I’ll be coming back after years to be re-encouraged.


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