Beautiful Bloggers 2!!

marylizteresa over at A Farm Girl’s Heart nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. (Read her post here.) I nominated her, but then read her awesome post (be sure to check it out!!) and found this:

^This Daleenc! The wonderful Daleenc who nominated me for the “beautiful blogger award”, in the first place. It’s totally not cheating to nominate her back. 😉

😀 Ok, I’ll take that! 😀

And to answer your question, I found your blog because I’m weird, I like cows (a lot) and I follow the ‘cow’ tag on WordPress. You posted a post about halter breaking calves (check it out here) and I thought it was so wonderful that I decided to follow. And like you said, it was wonderful to find another blogger who was homeschooled, loves horses and animals, and takes her faith seriously! I am so happy to have found you!! 😀

So, the rules:

1.) Posting 7 random facts about yourself

2.) Nominating 7 other Beautiful Bloggers!

For the random facts:

1.) I switched my language in WordPress to German even though I didn’t understand much of it. And I left it that way for about two weeks. Then I wanted to start being able to read words I actually understood for a little bit and switched it back to English.

2.) You know on those corners on notebook paper where to line going down and the line coming across makes a little box? Well, since I haven’t had much time since school started, I’ve been keeping my journal in those little boxes. Like today says, “Sept. 1, 2015. 88˚, cloudy with chance of thunderstorms. Today is the first of Sept. Dad wants to hike the fall hiking spree today.” Yeah, when I want to, I can write pretty small. It’s not the best journal, but it will work. Plus I can show my kids, “You think you have a lot of school work?? Look at THIS!!” ;P

3.) I actually like school. I was very, very excited to start my Sophomore year and even more excited to get my Literature book and biology and my history and all that fun (seriously) stuff. 😀

ld3004.) My favorite album to listen to is TobyMac’s Portable Sounds. Don’t think that means it’s the only thing I listen to, but usually, I like some of the songs in an album…but Portable Sounds? I like all of those.

5.) The new artist I’m getting in to is Lauren Daigle. I love her song, How Can It Be. 😀

6.) I’m running out of random facts.

7.) I’m a fast reader. When I was younger, I was about 1,000-1,200 words per minute. I’ve slowed down a little, but I think I’m probably around 800-900 words a minute right now. I’m going to go through the Evelyn Woods Reading course again and see if I can get up to around 1,500-2,000 words a minute.

Ok, now for the nominations.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!! God bless you all! 😀


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Bloggers 2!!”

  1. I am so honored that you nominated me for this award this is the second one you nominated me for ! maybe this time I will actually take the time to answer the questions. I think you have perfectly timed both of these to where I was going out of town, I am leaving for El Salvador in 3 days) 🙂 . I meant to get back to the other one and do it but forgot by the time I got home. I hope to do that soon, your answers are so fun! laughing about your German blog, not sure if I would have followed if I couldn’t have read it lol. I love Lauren Daigle she is my favorite right now and I love that song! Thanks again 🙂

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    1. Haha, I guess I’ll just have to keep giving you awards and hope that I get it right one of these times then, huh? 😉 Yeah, my German blog was a riot. Not exactly sure what I accomplished there other than figuring out that Rosetta Stone has not taken me over WordPress blogging terms, but hey. I can get a laugh out of it!! And awesome!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to listen to her!!! Have a wonderful trip and be sure to tell us all about it when you get home!! 😀

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