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And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street

We went hiking today in seven different Metro parks. And of course, that includes a lot of traveling between the parks. We happened to be driving by the school in one city just as it let out. Do you know how many stories can be found, just by watching people walking down the street?

UnknownA girl stares at the fire station as she passes…possibly remembering a father or brother who lost their life saving someone from a fire? Perhaps someone in her life died in a fire because the firemen couldn’t get there fast enough? Maybe she’s fantasying about growing up and saving someone herself?

A man walks whistling down the sidewalk and pauses to wave to someone inside a building…how does he know them? What are difficulties that he’s going through right now? Is he dying from cancer yet choosing to remain joyful and positive through the grace of his Savior? Is he a new born Christian? What makes his personality sparkle? Why are people drawn to him?

Unknown-2Two boys go their separate ways at a corner…possibly best friends? How long have they been friends? How did they meet? How have/haven’t they stuck up for each other? Who’s the most mature? Who’s the one that gets them into excitement and adventure?

An overweight teenager walks alone to her house…is she desperately trying to lose weight? Is she depressed? Does she see a point in living? Or is she a strong Christian who is trying to lose weight, not to please others, but to please her Lord? What are some of the difficulties she goes through?

Unknown-3The cross guard stands watch at a busy intersection…why? Why did he decide to become a cross guard? Did he lose a daughter at a busy intersection? Does he simply like children? Was it a dare from some well meaning friends trying to get a grumpy widower out of his house? Why did he decide to stay?

A not-so-hot looking boy is sitting on the steps reading a textbook…why? What is the difficulties he faces at school? Why is he alone? Is he a loner or is he waiting for someone? Does he deal with bullies? What is he reading? Why is he interested in it?

Unknown-1An older couple walks, hand in hand, down the side walk…possibly married for 60+ years? How did they do it? What are trials they went through? How do they feel about each other now?

A small business owner stands out on the corner, looking at the traffic around her…what is she thinking? Why did she start a small business? What are her difficulties?

Unknown-4There’s a sign in the lawn of a blue house, ‘My son proudly serves’…what made him decide to join the army? How do his parents feel about it? What are the struggles of a family trying to deal with the fact that their son/brother is in harm’s way? How does the boy feel? Where is he? What is it like? What is he struggling with?

There is a story all around us if we open our eyes to look. Whether we’re on Main Street, Mulberry Street, Wall Street, whatever, wherever. There’s always a story begging to be told.

And it’s up to us writers to tell it.

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