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Yes, That Time

Everyone has that time.

Yes, that time.

The time when your alarm goes off and you moan because you don’t have the energy to move your hand to turn it off.

The time when you get to see your best friend for the first time in a while and the best you can manage is a smile.

The time when you look around you and all you can see is the dark and the dirty.

The time when even coffee has lost the power to wake you up.

The time when you set your Bible in front of you and then whisper to God, ‘I don’t have the strength to open this book.’

The time when you walk around with a cloud hanging over your head, yet you smile to those around you and answer every ‘how are you?’s with ‘I’m good, how are you?’

Yes, that time.

The time when you whisper:

I used to see!

I used to walk!

I didn’t have to crawl along.

I once was strong.

I once was brave.

But now all I want

Is to run away.

I can’t give up.

I can’t give in.

But all I want

Is to fade away.

The time when the most appealing thing in your life is the bed with the covers pulled over your head to block out all the light.

The time when you look at your list of things to do and then you turn and grab your seventh cup of coffee in five minutes.

The time when your heart is so heavy, you don’t think you can even stand up.

The time when you simply want the day to end.

Yes, that time.

The time when you drag yourself into the Bible, wondering if you’re a bad Christian because you really don’t want to read it.

The time when you read Psalms 42:5-6 and want to start crying because it’s exactly how you feel and what you need:

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.

The time when your best friend calls and says ‘how are you? No. Really.’

The time when God sends the perfect post your direction.

The time when nothing goes right except for God’s hug and whisper ‘you’re ok’.

The time when you can’t get anything to go according to schedule, fall into bed feeling like a failure and God whispers ‘I still love you’.

Yes, that time.

That time when you feel like a loser; when you feel most alone; when you’re lost, hurting, crying; when you don’t have the energy to face the day; when you give up and start to fadethat’s when Jesus finds you!

That time when your world crashes down around you; when you feel like you’re drowning; when you can’t look up; when you think it can’t get any worse, yet it does; when you find out how far down rock-bottom really isthat’s when Jesus finds you!

When you don’t have anything left, Jesus finds you! He explains that He really never left. That He was always by your side. That you’re safe. That you can trust Him.

This is our God!! This is our God who rejuvenates! Who saves! Who redeems! Who takes the sorry excuse for a human being and transforms into something wonderful! People, listen to me.



14 thoughts on “Yes, That Time”

  1. I love this post! You are right, we do all have those times! I lived many years without Jesus and now as I read this I think how did I ever make through those times alone? Thankfully he was there to rescue me but even though I have Jesus now I still have a lot of these times. but thankfully when a person has Jesus they no longer have to go through them alone.
    Also thank you for what you said about my post and linking to it, I have not had a whole lot of time in the past few days to read my favorite blogs and today when the pingback notification came I had to come over to see and guess what?? Today your blog was the perfect post and God sent it to me! I only have time to read one blog post today and glad it was this one! A wonderful reminder that we do not have to go it alone, Jesus is here to always! Thank you and thank God, he is amazing!

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    1. Terri, this is going to sound ridiculous, but I’m glad that a more mature Christian like you goes through these times too! That it’s not just a time that ‘flimsy’ Christian teenagers go through!!

      That’s funny how that worked out, isn’t it?? Yeah, I was rather depressed when I read that and I went away thinking…hmmm. And then, Thanks for my horse. Thanks for the sun. Thanks for the grass. Thanks for the hay we got done. Thanks for the blog I have. Thank you so much for that post!!!!!!

      I’m glad you were able to stop by and comment!! 😀 And thank you, Jesus, for blog friends like Terri who write awesome posts and encouraging comments. ❤

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  2. This is awesome and raw and real!! I LOVED it!! Funny how we go through those times and even when we have great weeks, inside we feel like this.. BUT GOD!!!! WHOOHOOO!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.


    1. I’m glad you like it!!! Yes, life is awesome, but raw and real!! Those who try to make it fluffy and soft are idiots. And yes! i know what you mean! I have had some awesome weeks but when I fall asleep, I feel worthless and alone. But like you said, ‘BUT GOD!!!!!!’

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!!! And thanks for the reblog! 😀

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  3. Reblogged this on HORSES DIRT AND MOTHERHOOD and commented:
    I read this today and actually HAD to reblog this one on my site. I felt like this last week, even after having so many good things happening. Inside, felt like she describes. Sometimes we have to just keep going!!
    Love you guys!! Enjoy!!
    And thanks so much for writing this amazing post, daleenc!!

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  4. Love this! I just went threw all this! Nothing feels better then when u let go and let God and you look up and smile and know everything will be ok!!

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    1. I’m glad this touched your heart!! This has been a busy summer and there have been times I wake up and said ‘God, I can’t do this. I need your Awesomeness to get me through this day.’ 😀

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