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Interview with Owlivia from Untainted and Odd

Hey everyone!!! So yeah, lately not much has come out. But this should be pretty interesting. 🙂 Owlivia, from Untainted and Odd, has agreed to guest blog with me. We’re both high school bloggers…except she’s a senior and I’m a…wow, I’m a Sophomore now! Please stay and read all the way through, the best question is at the bottom. 😀

Without further ado, Owlivia!!!!!!

1. With one word, how would you describe yourself?

How could you sum anyone up in one word. People are complex. But, I’ll try and pick one… let’s see… growing. That’s my word. Growing. Not in physical form, because I’m pretty much done in that aspect, but in learning and faith and in spirit I am constantly growing.

2. What is the story behind your Username?

Owlivia; I’m not sure what people think it means, they probably think that it means my name is Olivia and I like owls. That’s not it. My name is not Olivia. I have nothing (I don’t think) associated with my name that links with my blog. Even the email I use for emailing people on here is not associated with my real name. I chose Olivia, simply because “Untainted” sounded too boring and yes, I do like Owls. I have an owl character named Owlivia so that is where the name came from. I just thought it was cute.

3. What is your favorite animal. 

I have a few. Owls are one of them because they are like my spirit animal… (Just to say I have one) I also like foxes, because they are gorgeous creatures. I used to be a little bit obsessed with them back in middle school. I also really like turtles because they are so cute and I guess I can be a bit of a turtle sometimes because I am a huge introvert (I’m getting better though I think)

4. If you were told you have six months left to live, what would be on your bucket list?

Hmmm… that’s an intense question. I guess loving people and living for God would be pretty big. Not very exciting to the internet world, but true. I’d want to travel to somewhere that had orphanages because I really want to visit one and help there for a couple of weeks. Also, one thing I’d want to be a long term goal for my life is make sure every foster kid in the country knows they are loved. I don’t know how I would do that in 6 months, but I would at least try and write a bunch of letters to give to as many as I can. Other than that, I’m not sure.

5. What do you like LEAST about summer?

Least? That seriously depends on my mood. Sometimes it is the battle of me not liking water, but it’s hot out, so I either have to stay inside or get in water. Sometimes it is the social isolation. I guess those are the 2 main things.

6. What is your favorite thing to write about?

For my blog it would be my experiences I guess. Those are always fun to write about. For creative writing it’s fiction, except I have trouble writing down my thoughts because I get caught up on details in fictional writing.

7. What is your dream job?

See the trouble with me is that I have several things that I think would be fun to do, and it would be improbable to be able to do all of them because half of them require a stable life and half require a random free spirit and an unstable life.

Like, I think it would be great to be a foster mom, but then I would likely have to be a stay at home mom, or something.

I’ve also been thinking it would be fun to be a teacher, but I’ve been juggling that with child psychologist because I like to learn about the mind.

Then again (here comes the unstable and far fetched things that are incredibly unlikely to ever happen) it would be cool to just blog for a living and live in California and travel in a hippie van and work as a writer at Disney.  Or a combination of those things.

This stage in my life is obviously a struggle. How am I supposed to decide?

8.How many stuffed animals do you still have?

I’m honestly not sure, 20 maybe? That is probably more than most people my age, but most of them are in my closet because I haven’t the heart to get rid of them right now. The ones that I have out on my bed, maybe 5 or so… 

9You’re stuck on an Island, probably for life, there are three sections: Desert, Tundra and Jungle, Which one would you live in?

Jungle, because it has the most food.and I would live in the trees and make friends with the animals, and Tarzan obviously.

10.  Why do you blog?

I started blogging because I guess I wanted to just connect with other awkward teens, but honestly it’s just turned into a place where I post fun things and things that I learn, and I’m planning on posting something about my missions trip and other things. Not really a place for venting like I thought it would be.

11. What awards have you been awarded on or off your blog?

On my blog the lobster award, the sisterhood blogger award, creative blogger award and beautiful blogger award .(I still have to do a few of those posts) Off my blog it’s less exciting. I won the most improved award for tennis freshman year. I also got on the honor/merit role a few times. Other than that, pretty much nothing.

12. Who is a person you HAVE to meet?

That’s a good question, maybe my husband. I’m pretty sure he is from the future, but I suppose I could have met him already.

13. What shirt are you wearing today?

a smooth materialed tank top with different shaded splashes of blue and green.

14. What is your favorite thing to do?

Laughing, going to Youth group, and writing to people (Like the blogging, emailing and letter writing type of writing)

15.  Now… the last and most important question. How do you feel about…HORSES?????

I see this is important to you. I like them because they are my sisters favorite animal, but to be honest I don’t have a real special connection with them myself. I’ve never really ridden a horse (But, my friend invited me to later this summer) unless the fair counts.

Thank you, Owlivia, for giving such great answers!! I can’t wait to see more of you later. 😀


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