Day of the Kitten

So yes. I’ve been taking a break from the blogosphere…although it was my fault because of one simple little thing that continues to elude me: balance.

Yes. I spent too much time with my critters outside and on my writing that mu chores were somewhat…lacking. Ok, ok, overflowing. The dishes were stacked up (there was dishes for at least one more meal!!), the trash was overflowing, the floor was muddy from everyone’s boots (it’s been a really wet June!!) and yeah.

So I was kinda grounded. No, I take that back again. I was grounded. For a week. So a warning to you all. Sometimes those not so fun chores are more important than that ever so cool book! 🙂 Just a warning. I wouldn’t want you to learn the hard way.

images-2And in the middle of the week, our one mommy cat, Joyce, had kittens. Which is totally awesome! But…she had them on our porch. Yeah, weird.
I mean, there is like…NO SHELTER or anything there! So then she gave birth and all that and only took one of the two kittens. We all thought she would be back and get the other one, but by lunch, we found out that it wasn’t to be so. I brought him (or her, I forgot to check) in and started feeding him. I was really worried about his colostrum milk that he wasn’t getting though. (We had one kitten like that and she turned out to be really small and didn’t survive.)
We started feeding him every half hour, but by the end of the day, we had pumped so much milk into
him that he was eating about every two hours. I don’t know if that was suppose to happen or not…but it did. Then I fed him at 9:45 PM and went to watch a movie with Dad. After that, I couldn’t go to sleep and so I just lay there till about 1 AM when he start crying and I fed him again. This time, I was Unknown-2able to sleep a little bit until my alarm went off at 2 AM. I checked him and he wasn’t crying and wasn’t moving around like he was awake, so I went back to bed. At 3 o’clock, the whole thing repeated, except this time he was awake. And after going downstairs, warming up the milk, coming back up and feeding him, my body said that I wasn’t going back to
sleep. And that continued all night.

Finally, I woke my sister up 7 AM and she fed little kity for the rest of the
morning. Then she and my cousin J. went searching and found Mamma Kitty up in the hayloft. 😀 I was happy.

No offense, Kitty.


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