For the Glory of God


But when Jesus heard it he said, “This illness does not lead to death. It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” John 11:4


Dolly collapsed, coughing and gasping. Leo rushed to her side. “Dolly…” He trailed off, catching sight of the blood on the tissue.

She nodded. That was all he needed to see.

“Let’s get you to the hospital.”


Jasmine sat by her son, tears streaming down her face. “I’m here, Miguel.” She sobbed. “Everyone else has left but I’m still here. The nurse said…said maybe if I talked to you, it…it might help you to wake up. I’m here, Miguel. Please wake up.”


Amanda sat by her mother’s bed. Her tears had already been cried out. “Amanda.” A soft touch and whisper caused her to start. “Amanda, we need to go.”


“Amanda, please come.”

“No!!! My mother is dying! I refuse to leave her side till she’s gone.”

No one said another word.


“I hate hospitals.” Olivia announced.

Rosie nodded. “I hate them as well. So…sad. And…”

Danielle nodded. “So sterile.”

The van rocked from laughter. Danielle lived on a farm. Her version of sterile would be drastically, um, different from the hospital’s.

Hannah called the group back to order. “We discussed this before we left. Pick one person. Talk to them. Try to encourage them.”


“Can I come in?”

Leo opened the door. “Hello?”

“Hello!” Olivia smiled. “My name is Olivia and I was wondering if you wanted to…um…you know, talk. Or something.” Before he had a chance to say no, Olivia plopped herself in the other chair. “So. Why are you here?”

Leo just stood there, mouth open. What a bold kid.

“Um. Yeah. My wife, Dolly.”


Rosie knocked on the door. Jasmine opened it without a word.

“Hi.” Rosie had the feeling for the need of quiet.

Jasmine nodded back. “He won’t wake up.” Fresh tears started falling. “Everyone’s left. Walked right out that door. It’s just me and my boy.”

Rosie, tearful herself, stepped over and pulled Jasmine into a very much needed hug.


Danielle slid into the room. Amanda didn’t move. “How…how are you?”

“She’s dying.” Tears slipped down her cheek. “And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.”

Danielle sat beside Amanda and let her rant it all out.


They all met back in front, chatting excitedly about what God had done. Hannah watched as all the girls except Danielle came back at the designated time. “Wait here.” She told them. Then she slipped in the room Danielle had chosen. Amanda’s head rested on Danielle’s shoulder.

Danielle looked over at Hannah. “She’s had a rough time.”

Hannah smiled and nodded.

“Ok girls, we might be here a while longer. Why don’t you go back to where you were or find someone new?”

Written for Christian Flash Weekly. Congratulations to Thomas Roberson for his story Avigail! And then, for second place, For The Glory of God by Daleen C. This story really had me in the last paragraph, and especially the last line. And third place goes to Moot Points by Jessica Heald. Congrats all!!

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