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Ten Worlds Away

images-3“Her name,” I told the church, “is Peri.” I tried not to cry as I remembered her sweet face and the way her smile lit up the entire, shabby, falling down tent she lived in.

“She was kicked out of her home. Her husband is in prison. Her son is dead and her daughter is missing. She is now in a refugee camp. Why?”

My son would have been eleven yesterday, Peri had told me. And then twelve, and thirteen, and then a man. But he is already a man. He is with my Abba Father.

“She is a Christian!” I continued, forcing my breath not to quiver. “The persecution…the persecution is terrible.”

images-2I touched the key on my laptop and another picture was shown. “This is Emin.” I said.  “He refused to renounce Christ. His family was killed in front of him. Then he was beaten and left for dead. Luckily, some Christian brothers found him and brought him to the hospital at the refugee camp.”

My wife, she was the highlight of my life. He told me. She was beautiful. But I know she is more beautiful now, standing with her Creator, singing His praises.
images-5“Meltem.” I moved onto the next picture. “She is a fifteen year old girl. When ISIS troops caught up to her, they raped her and beat her. She and another girl escaped one day and now they too are in the refugee camp.”

I am scared. And ashamed, she told me. But my Savior, He too, was scared and ashamed. And one day I will be with Him. He will wash me clean and I will cry no longer. 

images-4“Attila.” I moved to the final picture. “He was out with the sheep one day. When he came back to his village, all the Christian’s homes were burning and the families were either dead or running. His family was dead.”

My sister was the most beautiful girl in the village, he told me. My mother was the kindest. My father was the bravest. My brother was one everyone felt at ease with. And now they’re gone. But I will see them again, once my Father tells me that my job here is done.

I begged for prayers, for money to pay for Bibles, for anything. Many people came up and told me things like, ‘Good job!’, ‘We’re glad that someone is helping them’, ‘That was a wonderful presentation, keep up the good work!’

Unknown-2We raised $100 dollars that day. And most of it came from a woman in a less than perfect dress who, in American standards, should have kept it for herself.

Thank you, I remembered the Syrian pastor crying as I told him what I was going home to do. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters in Christ over there. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts.

I could only wonder how many here were actually going to pray.

It was like we were ten worlds away.

Written for Christian Flash Weekly. It seems like this week, I have won championship! Charles says: All of the stories were very strong, all of them allowed me to feel the situation was believable, and I thought all were great convicting reminders of the persecution which exists for so many believers, even today. This story caught the trophy from me because of the effectiveness of moving between the presentation and stories of the persecuted Christians back to the reaction of the church. This made the ending hit good and hard. Thanks Charles!!! 🙂

Please visit Voice of the Martyrs and give money to help our brothers and sisters who face this. I did not make this up. I’ve read VOM’s magazine. People do forget about the church. Please, don’t join the trend.

Instead? Please pray. Help. Give. Check out Voice of the Martyrs. Please don’t turn the other way.

4 thoughts on “Ten Worlds Away”

  1. Congrats on your trophy! Totally credible story! Thanks for the reminder to support VOM; I’ve done so in the past and they do important work for our brothers and sisters under persecution. Hope and pray we never need the help ourselves.

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