Things Every Teenager Needs

Things Every Teenager Needs – Stability

Have you ever noticed that the world wants to put us in a mold? For example, my teenage life has many many ‘molds’.

Teenage mold is first and foremost…and there are four of those. First off, the world’s teen mold, then the Christian teen mold and my normal Christian teen’s mold, and then my family’s teen mold. And those all branch out into different places as well.

The world then goes on to the rebellious mold, the party mold, the nerd mold, the jock mold, the flirt mold, the shy yet extremely cute and perfect mold, the ugly mold, and on and on.

Then there is the Christian mold, in which there are sub-molds, like excellent Christian mold, the oldest sister mold, the perfect Christian teen mold, the helper mold, the bright light for Jesus mold, the bad Christian mold, and on and on and on.

The ‘normal’ Christian teen mold is actually the easiest one yet. Act like a ‘normal’ Christian teenage girl (i.e., have difficulties with younger sisters, ‘trying’ to live up to Christian standard, but just can’t as the standard is too high, are dissatified with parents, dress as much like world without making ‘parents’  mad, stuff like that) and you fit in perfectly.

Then there is my family’s mold. Which can also be split up into sub-molds. My maternal grandparent’s mold, then my paternal grandparent’s mold, Mom and Dad’s mold, and then there’s always the family legacy mold too.

And I’ve just started, because there are many, many more molds I have. Rancher mold, gun girl, homeschooler, horse girl, blogger, on and on and on. Have I made you dizzy yet?

I was expressing my frustration with this to Mom the other day. (It went something like this, ‘But I can’t fill in the homeschooling mold because I’m too busy with real life and when I try to fit into the rancher mold, it doesn’t work because I’m spending too much time with my school work and then I go to church and Awana and try to fit into the Christian mold but that doesn’t work cuz over the week I’ve spent too much time doing school, real life and all those other molds!!!!’) While I was talking, Mom was sketching. When I finally ran out of air (I occasionally do that), Mom held up her paper and said, “like this?”


And I was like “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Don’t you just love it when someone knows exactly what you’re talking about, even when you don’t?)

So, onward to the point of this post!!

The point is, every teenager wants something stable in their life. Someone who is always there or something that is always exactly. where. they. left. it. A certain song that always. says. what. they. need. it. too. A place where they can go that is always. the. same.

Moms! Dads! Listen up, this is where you come in. When something big goes on, you are always there, right? What about when little things go on? After all, it’s the little, mundane habits that shape a person just as much as the big, once-in-a-lifetime events.  Ask us how school went. Ask us how our friends are. Ask us. Talk to us. Listen to us. I mean, like, really listen to us. And remember. Remember the little things. Remember our friend’s names and their favorite…whatever they’ve told you. Ask about little things that have gone on. Show that you are there and that you will always be there. Stop waiting for the big event. There are little events going on…and you don’t want to miss them.

Grandparents! Older Generation mentors! Listen up. Hopefully you’ve read the paragraph above. So. I will say this again. Little things shape teenagers (and anyone else) just as much, if not more, that big events. Hopefully, one of the little events will be talking with Grandma about my day. Trusting Grandpa enough to ask him about my boyfriend. Believing in my mentor enough to ask him/her about a problem at school with a friend. What better relationship to have than one with someone who trusts you? But trust is not free. No, far from it. Trust is one of the hardest things to earn and the easiest to spend. Don’t spend it. Please.

You guys are wise and know that there is only one true completely stable factor in a human’s life; Christ. So please, introduce us. Don’t give us religion. Give us Jesus. The person. The relationship. The stability.

If you inspire one person to do better, then your life has amazing purpose. Purpose that changes a person’s destiny. Purpose…that flips the world upside down.

Thank you. Thank you so much.



10 thoughts on “Things Every Teenager Needs – Stability”

  1. Exactly! Written and explained the way only us teenagers can. One of my friends just asked me about the way I behaved, not because it was wrong, but because he’d never seen a homeschooler act like me. I explained myself the best I could.

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    1. I know exactly what you’re saying!!! I’ve never been able to fit into any ‘mold’ except for ‘busy teen’!!! People are like, ‘oh! you’re homeschooled! That means you’re the smartest person in the entire world and when I’m not, they’re like, ‘uhhhhhhh.’ or ‘oh! you’re homeschooled!! You must not know how to socialize with other kids! Here, let me plan out your life and help you be normal!’


  2. I didn’t know how much I felt this way until I read your post. People expect me to fit into a denominational Christian mold, and I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I don’t have a denomination. A Christian walk is about your relationship with God. I don’t think I need to associate with a specific denomination to be a Christian

    Also, I wear glasses, thick glasses, but I like the way they look, and I’m not completely nerdy (okay, I fit with the nerd mold a little bit)

    I don’t have a boyfriend like the traditional teenager.

    And on a slightly unrelated note, that picture reminds me of hats. Like everyone’s trying to shove a bunch of hard on the persons head and there’s so many they can’t wear them all.

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    1. One of my friends says, “I don’t have a religion. I have Jesus.” And for me, that proves such a huge point. Our walk is not about whether we’re Baptist or Mennonite or any other denomination. It’s about whether we have a personal relationship with Jesus.

      Glad you like how you look!!!! 🙂

      I don’t have a boyfriend either.

      And that’s exactly what the picture is!!! Each hat is a different mold. 🙂

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  3. This is truly interesting. I was blessed to go to a very unconventional large high school. The cheerleaders weren’t cool. The jocks were our valedictorians. Our head “emo” kid was our star linebacker. The coolest kids in school were the special needs kids.
    It makes me very thankful that during high school, a very stressful and confusing time for teenagers, I was blessed with peers who embraced everybody as they were. I hope you all were just as lucky!


    1. It was pretty good for me. However, since I am homeschooled, there are definitely those people who consider me the smartest person in the world or that I have no social interaction with anyone around me and I have no understanding of how to act in this world. I can deal with the smart stereotype but not this one. One of my neighbors, actually, when I told her I wasn’t going to be doing something at her place cuz I was going to my friend’s said, ‘Oh good!!! You’re getting friends!!!!’

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  4. Daleen, I know there are so many molds the world would like us to fit into. Even for old grandmas like me, but remember always, God made you to be a very unique and special person. OOPS, did I say unique? Unique does not fit in a mold. Just do the best you can to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask us, talk to us about the big and little things. Sometimes we may seem to be too busy or “out there somewhere” but we really do care and we want to help. Allow God to mold you and no one else. In your travels through life He will help you make the right turns, and if along the way, you make a wrong turn, He will find a way to help you get back on track. I am rambling. What I wanted to really say is that I don’t want you to try to fit in any mold for me or anyone else. I want you to be yourself, enjoy the journey. Make a Daleen Mold. There will never be another like it and it will be the most special of all. Love, Grandma

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    1. I’ve been staring at this comment for a while trying to figure out how to answer it. “Thank you, Grandma,” just sounded too cheesy. But I haven’t figured anything else out so, thank you Grandma!

      But you also being a people-pleasing firstborn means that you know how hard it is for me to, well, break off from other people’s expectations. The Daleen Mold does sound pretty awesome though.

      Again Grandma, thank you. And thank you for being a pretty awesome Grandma too. 🙂 ❤


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