Things Every Teenager Needs

What Every Teenager Needs – An Introduction

Hi everyone!!!!! So, a lot of you have read my letter to the older generation by now. If not, you can read it here. Please read it before continuing to read this post.

Done? Ok. Now you understand where I’m coming from. But I was thinking. What if people don’t know what we really need? So I created this little blog series to see if I could explain it in the way only a teenager can. I’ve found lots of cool pictures to try and explain. And lots of Winnie the Pooh quotes. (Gotta love that bear, right?)

Anyways, I hope you like it and learn from it and somehow the world becomes a better place.




2 thoughts on “What Every Teenager Needs – An Introduction”

    1. I know!!! I saw and I was like, I have to work that in somewhere!! I’m glad you’re excited about it! I am too. And a little nervous too. But oh well, as long as one person has fun with it, right?

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