Last Night’s Surprise

Nubbins is a American Lamancha goat. And they look about like this:Unknown-6

And trust me, no one cut off her ears. I promise. You have no idea how many people have called the Humane Society complaining that we’ve cut of our goats ears. Especially at fairs. *rolls eyes* Please people, we try to bring animals to the fair so you can see them but it’s not going to keep happening if you complain and make a lot of work for the office.

Oh well.

There was a big tack sale this morning that was an hour away. We wanted to be there when the gates opened and that was at 8AM and so I wouldn’t bother Mom and my sisters, I spent the night with Grandpa.

Some of his friends came over and wanted to see the calves. So Grandpa left me at his house (there was barely room for the three of them in the two person truck) and went off to show them his calves.

Well, Nubbins is huge and Grandpa told me that she was bagging up pretty good. So I went out to check her. And what did I find but some kids??? Not just one or two, but three little goat kids.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures. They are the first goat/sheep kids we have and to start of the season we have TRIPLETS!!!!!

Ok, I am, like, really excited right about now. (What?? You couldn’t tell??) More along the lines of not being able to sit on this chair and type much longer……

BABY GOATS!!!!!!!!!!!


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