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V: Very Cool Story

OK. Warning. Guns mentioned below. If you don’t like them. Stop reading. If you do like them, well then you’ll love this story and be sure to read. 🙂

Lapeer County (Michigan) Sheriff’s detectives are calling an 11-year-old who scared off a home invader by pointing a shotgun at him a “very brave girl”. Authorities say the girl was alone in a North Branch Township home the afternoon when the break-in occurred. While the stranger was circling the house to case it, the girl grabbed a shotimagesgun and hid in a bathroom closet. The suspect eventually broke into the home. When he opened the door to the closet where the girl was hiding, she pointed the shotgun at him and he ran away to a getaway car where his partner-in-crime had been waiting. The police, acting on descriptions from the girl, later caught and charged two Detroit residents–a 53-year-old man and his 31-year-old female accomplice–in a connection with crime.

“The Armed Citizen.” America’s 1st Freedom May 2015. Also check out the NRA Website.

What do you think? Was she brave or not? Should she have been allowed access to the shotgun? Please tell me what you think!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “V: Very Cool Story”

  1. I was so proud of her when I first heard this story! She is amazingly brave and protected her home from an invader. She stood her ground! I love this story!

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