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B is for Being Old

BIt is now the second day of the A to Z challenge and I am still going. 😉

This was a story I wrote for Thursday 360 that I haven’t posted yet and it just happened to start with the letter B!!! 🙂

So here it is.

Being Old:

I hated being old. Every bone in my old body protested. Literally. I was your normal guy. I liked the newspaper, had severe arthritis, and had a daughter that lived an hour away. I hated having to depend on her.

Like I said. I hated being old.

Until I met Bobby.

I met him one night, shoveling out my driveway.

“Hey Kid!”

“Yes sir?” He didn’t stop shoveling.

“What’cha doin?”

“I’m trying not to go home.”

I called him in, cuz my bones were starting to hurt.

“Why wouldn’t you want to go home?”

“Dad’s gonna be drunk so if I’m late because I was working, maybe he won’t be so mad at me.”

“I’ll tell you what, let’s eat some supper and then it’ll take you longer.”

He smiled and I served diner.

After that, every Friday night, he was at my house. I’d give him a job or two to do and we’d eat supper and talk late into the night.

One day, in the newspaper, I read about a teenager who started on drugs to escape from his drunken father and was killed when he robbed a store to get money for his addictions.

And I started wondering. Would that be Bobby if he wasn’t over here? Would Bobby be laying in casket because I wasn’t old and didn’t have time to hang out with him? Would Bobby be doing something worse?

Suddenly, being old didn’t sound so bad. I had a time to be young, but there is a time to be old too. Not to work and have time for other things that come up.

The phone rang. “Can I come over??”

“You don’t even have to ask, Bobby.” I answered.

“I’ll be over in five minutes.” Bobby clunked the phone down and I smiled.

It’s not that bad to be old.

 Whitney’s thoughts on my story:

Being Old by Daleen: An elderly man struggles with being old. However, he bonds with a young boy from a troubled home and finds that, with age, comes blessings he didn’t know before. He discovers that he can make a difference, not only despite his age, but because of it, and that it’s really not so bad being old. There’s a really great message here. Thanks for sharing, Daleen.

This week, Whitney offered two awards, Grand new-thursday-360-best-characterization-awardChampion and Best Characterization.

Charles Short‘s story, Grandpa’s Trip to MacDonalds, won Grand Champion!! Congratulations, Charles!!!

My story won Best Characterization. 🙂

Thanks Whitney!!

10 thoughts on “B is for Being Old”

  1. Congrats on winning best characterization! That was a good story and a good reminder no matter what our age, we can still be of “use” we might just have to look around to see how we can serve others.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Yes, I wrote that for a people who have gotten old, went inside, shut the doors, and don’t come back out. Us younger generation could really befitting from having the older generation teaching us. 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing your story, and I agree with your comment above that the younger generation could learn much from their elders. Our society is so fast paced and driven, and we’re losing a lot of wisdom because people aren’t prepared to take the time to listen. Nicely done. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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