The Savior of the Kingdom

UnknownWritten for Christian Flash Weekly

“You need to redeem yourself, Uriel.” Florian strapped on the shield.

Uriel moaned. “I can’t do it!!”

“You failed to save the Princess!” Florian lectured. “She is burnt to a crisp and the dragon Leviathan is attacking villages. It’s your fault and you need to save them.

“I can’t do it!!”

“Yes, you can!!”

“I won’t do!” Uriel stomped down his foot, narrowly missing Florian’s fingers as Florian tried to do up the laces. “What about the next guy who wants to marry the next princess? I wouldn’t want him not to have to slay a dragon to save his princess.”

“There’s always another one, Uriel.” Florian sighed, leading a noble white steed out of his stall. “There’s always another one.”

Florian pushed the helmet onto Uriel’s head and boosted him onto the steed, ignoring all the pleas and pleading coming from inside the armor. “Go get him, Uriel.” Florian slapped the horse’s flank and he took off, carrying a yowling Uriel along with him.

After Uriel stopped screaming and finally found his reins, he guided his noble steed eastward. Finally, he came upon the small village of dwarves and elves.

Aldrin, the leader of the group and an elf, stepped forward. “You still owe 50 gold coins.”

“I do not!!” Uriel snapped back. “You didn’t even kill Leviathan!!”

“I told you he wasn’t good against dragons.” Aldrin retorted. “But you insisted.”

“He looked like me.” Uriel mumbled.

“So you owe us 50 gold coins for his death.” Aldrin held out his hand.

“Well our princess died!!” Uriel pointed out. “So you owe me 50 coins.”

“You mean, I owe the King the coins? It was his daughter.”

Uriel turned red.

“I need someone to slay Leviathan again.”

“And you’ll pay 100 gold coins.”

“Yes.” Uriel sulked.

“Fine.” Aldrin turned around. “Amir!”

Amir, a stocky dwarf with a big bow pushed forward and looked up at Aldrin.

“Uriel will give you a ride to Leviathan. You will kill Leviathan, take 100 gold coins and bring them back here. Understand?”

Amir nodded. Aldrin boosted him behind Uriel.

After several days of hard riding, Uriel learned how annoying dwarves were and was quite glad to hear Leviathan’s hot breathing in the distance.


The dwarf nodded as he hopped off and ran ahead. Uriel could hear shouting and cheering as the little dwarf, disguised in armor like Uriel’s, ran at the dragon, shooting his arrows. Then there was a ka-THUD of a dragon falling and shockwave that shook everyone off their feet.

Amir popped out from the bushes in front of Uriel. “I’ll take the money back to Aldrin.” He said cheerfully.

Uriel gave him the money and started to mount on his steed.

“It might be better if you don’t have a horse.” Amir added. “I didn’t have one.”

Uriel thought for a second. “Yes, I guess you’re right.”

“I’ll take him for you. Get rid of the evidence.” Amir mounted and headed north.

“Amir!!” Uriel yelled after him. “Isn’t Aldrin more south??”

The dwarf didn’t answer, just kept riding toward the border.

Uriel shrugged and walked into the village.

Nothing could’ve been better. The young ladies tearfully thanked him. The men shook his hand, commenting on how brave he was. The old men and ladies waved at him.

“Where’s your bow??” A shout was heard across the square. Everyone froze as they looked at him.

“Um…” Uriel mumbled.

“Why’d you run into the woods??” Another shout came.

“The guy who killed the dragon looked shorter!!”

“Are you sure you’re the dragon’s killer??”


For once, Uriel was speechless.

Thoughts from Rebekah

John Mark Miller kicked us off in high gear with an action-packed scifi piece in which a scientist fights for his life; Whitney continued the action with a hilarious yet realistic battle between a teen and his mom; Talitha boldly leapt into the flash fiction world (welcome!) with a terrifying story of a kidnapped girl; Daleen presented us with a fried princess and a funny, cowardly knight, both of whom were defeated by Leviathan, if not quite literally; Pastor Chip, eyes mad with plotting, gave us two fine tales: a tragic story of two lost men, one of whom is found in the best way; and the second a doomed would-be alien invader; MT Decker’s story glowed with the mingled warmth of truth and myth (I love the threes!); and Ted wrapped up the conflict this week with a fierce, powerful dragon properly put in his place.


Special award for wit: Daleen (and a second award for elves being saved by a dwarf!)

And the winner was!!!!!

Winner: Whitney Schwarz. Really loved your story-within-a story, the game-obsessed teen and his patient, wise mother who thought to step into the boy’s world (as much as she could, haha!) to share truth. What a wonderful reminder of how Jesus meets each of us, in whatever place we are, in whatever language our hearts need to hear His truth. Your story was funny, the dialogue sharp and real, and villains, both real and digital, were made to suffer magnificently. Great job. LEVEL UP!

Be sure to check Whitney out, she has all kinds of cool stuff at her blog. 🙂


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