Nobody Knows

Grandma Fay’s nephew is over from the Philippians. (He is a lot of fun…we are all going to miss him terribly when he leaves.) Unfortunately, he has to go home on Saturday. Since it is very likely that we will never see him face to face again, everyone has been trying to get together as often as possible.

Somehow, the conversation last night drifted to holding out your Unknownpinky when you drink.Why do people do that? Why is it considered good manners? We Googled it.

One said that it was for when utensils were not used and they would keep their pinky clean for dipping in the community dish while eating. The next said it was before handkerchiefs had been invented and, yep, you guessed, they used it to clean out their noses. (At that my uncle took the conversation to a guy he knew in college who did an essay on bugers.) After we got off that conversation, the next article said it was because one king had a broken finger and everyone copied him. Another stated that he was a Brit and his finger stuck out from the day he was born.

In other words, no one knows. No one has any idea whatsoever. Anecdotal stories are all we know of the (ridiculous, I think) tradition. (Wouldn’t it knock off your hat every time you tried to drink??)

Humans tend to hear something…and then consider it truth. Very few are the people who go and double check something they hear. Why? It’s work. It takes time. It’s harder than just believing it. And besides, why would they say it if it wasn’t true?

BuUnknown-1t do we do this about the Bible too?

Maybe someone tells us that Ruth wasn’t a Moabite, she was only born in that country because Jesus wouldn’t ever have non-Jew in his genealogy. Believe that or not?

It kinda makes sense actually…but what does the Bible say? “These took Moabite wives; the name of the one was Orpah and the name of the other Ruth. They lived there about ten years.” (Ruth 1:4 ESV)

Don’t take someone’s word as truth until you research it out in the Bible yourself. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15 ESV)

Double-check pastors, youth pastors, Bible study teachers, DadUnknown-2s, Moms, friends, Bible curriculum, everything and anything that says anything about the Bible and its teachings. The Bible is your guide to eternal life; don’t be led astray because you didn’t double-check facts!!!

No one can stress that point enough.

The Bible is your guide to eternal life; don’t be led astray because you didn’t double-check facts!!!

I can’t say it enough.

The Bible is your guide to eternal life; don’t be led astray because you didn’t double-check facts!!

Just one last thing before the end of the post.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. 

(Revelations 21:4 ESV)


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