Persecuted Church, Reblogged

The Great Tribulation Unfolds



These are the lucky ones.  Refugee camps and relocation centers can seem like barren, loveless places, but at least these kids made it to safety.  Many of their friends and family died running for their lives when the men from ISIS came calling. Christians have made their homes across the Middle East for 2000 years.  That’s 600 years longer than Islam has been a religion, but today they are being slaughtered, terrorized and driven from their homes.

Typically, the storm descends with a convoy of vehicles bearing black flags. The killers wear masks and carry automatic weapons, torches, and machetes. They kill and torture fathers and their children.  They drag women and girls off to camps where they rape and sodomize them.

Fifteen year old Aria was still humiliated and terrified when US reporters met her at an Iraqi refugee camp in January. She and her neighbors had piled into…

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