Grandma Fay


Grandma Fay passed away Tuesday morning in her sleep. While everyone is extremely sad (or still in shock), we are all happy that she isn’t suffering anymore. The last couple days, the cancer had made its way to her brain and she was on a full-time morphine drip. The doctor had originally given her six months when he diagnosed her with Pancreatic cancer. That was four weeks ago.

All of our neighbors have been absolutely amazing throughout this time. People have brought us supper while Mom was at Hospice all day, friends came and helped with the farm chores, and our neighbors across the street have been plowing our and Grandpa’s driveways every time it snows. When they heard the news, more suppers were brought, and others helped plan the funeral. When our horse got out right before the the funeral, our next door neighbor came and helped us get her in and bring home our mule. There are so many more things that they did that I can’t add because there simply isn’t enough room. God has blessed us greatly with our neighbors.

My Grandma was one of the most amazing people I know. She was generous beyond words. Anyone and everyone who needed help or just a surprise visit to cheer them up was visited by Grandma Fay. She had faith like a rock. Anytime we had any difficulty, big or small, she would pray. I saw a lot of those prayers answered. When she was told that she had six months left to live, she said ‘Oh good!! I’ll get to see Jesus!!’

She loved the farm. Every chance she had, she came over and rode Morgan. She was a natural at everything she did (even if it was her first time playing a game, no one could beat her), and riding was no exception.

When we would be making hay, she would come after work and bring all us over-heated workers the biggest watermelon of the summer. And boy, did that ever taste good!!

When Grandma went to Hospice, she didn’t want us grandkids there. She didn’t want us to remember her like that.

So I won’t.

I’ll remember her as my Grandma who could move mountains with her faith. I’ll remember her sitting on her black horse, smiling brightly with her long dark hair tucked under her hat, asking us, ‘what’s taking so long?? Let’s go!!’

Have fun in Heaven, Grandma. We’re all gonna miss you, but I know it’s so much better up there.



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